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Adventure Stays has a proven track record of operating unflagged hotels and motels in South Lake Tahoe. Partner with us and achieve a simpler, more profitable operation than ever before.  

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Adventure Stays in the numbers

We believe that success in South Lake Tahoe stems from a sustained commitment to the guests and laser-focused efforts on operational efficiency. 


units currently operated by Adventure Stays in South Lake Tahoe


reservations completed to date


of reviews are 5 stars


average guest communication review rating


our portfolio occupancy compared to the market average


our portfolio RevPAR compared to the market average


internally ranked as one of the top .1% of profiles


average net earnings margin

SOURCE: CAO August 2023, these numbers were calculated using a selection of relevant competitive properties and with public source TOT data available via the City of South Lake Tahoe.

We are pros at getting our listings in front of prospective guests. Our expert sales and marketing strategies, designed to reach ideal guests and drive more nights sold, can boost your hotel's visibility and bookings. Our relentless approach to marketing will ensure your property stands out in an otherwise very crowded and competitive market. With our tailored sales approaches and dedicated marketing team, we will position your property for sustained success.

revenue management

Optimize your revenue with our dynamic pricing models and data-driven revenue management techniques, ensuring you always achieve the best possible room rates. Our experienced revenue managers take a technology-enabled approach to analyzing market trends to maximize income, balancing occupancy and rates for peak performance. Benefit from our sophisticated revenue management systems that adapt to real-time demand in search of maximum RevPAR.

On-Site Team

Our highly competent, user-friendly on-site team members are dedicated to providing exceptional service and creating memorable experiences that keep guests coming back. With a fully vertically integrated team of management, maintenance, housekeeping, and laundry, we have all of the hands required to ensure our guests' needs are catered to with the service and reliability they expect. A team this good takes a long time to build - tap into our quality through our management services.

Economy of scale

Our “archipelago” expense management approach is unique in South Lake Tahoe. Archipelago means that rather than operating properties independently as their own “islands,” we instead enjoy market-leading operational efficiency through shared overhead costs (primarily through labor, supplies, and support costs). This allows us to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively than otherwise possible. Our primary operational objective is to improve your hotel's bottom line, and there’s no better way than through this style of expense management.

Financial Reporting and Accounting

Our financial reporting is timely, accurate, and deliberate. We offer you 100% transparency with meticulous financial reporting and accounting services and offer customization to meet your needs as an owner. We handle all bookkeeping and monthly TOT filing and reporting, ensuring maximal financial health and compliance. Our detailed financial reports provide insights that drive informed decisions, helping you maximize profitability and efficiency while ensuring accountability and transparency.

Our fee structure

Our fee structure is simple. We charge a fixed percentage of gross revenue for management responsibility, with rates ranging from 5% to 20%, depending on the size of your property and the required scope of work. Listing overhead, labor, repairs, and other standard operational costs are rendered by the company and subsequently reimbursed by the property. We perform all labor at cost and do not ever charge an extra margin “on top” of operational expenses.

Current Properties Under Management

Our current properties are located in the Stateline/tourist core region of South Lake Tahoe.

Moose and Maple Lodge South Lake Tahoe
Moose and Maple Lodge

14 Units

Blue Jay Lodge South Lake Tahoe
Blue Jay Lodge

41 Units



Schedule a meeting

The process begins with a simple conversation. We will meet to clarify goals and ensure a good partnership fit.


Due Diligence

Adventure Stays will tour the property and review current performance to better understand the starting line for our relationship.


Proposal Drafted

Using details from our conversations and due diligence process, Adventure Stays will put together a fully comprehensive management plan for your property.


Details finalized

After you've had a chance to review the proposal, we will continue to meet until the details are hashed out and all parties are in agreement with the best course of action.


agreement signed

Adventure Stays will provide all relevant legal docs and management agreements.


implementation begins

Now comes the fun part! Adventure Stays will begin implementing the plan according to the proposal, keeping you in the loop throughout the entire process!

Drop us a line to get the conversation started.

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