Rating 4.7 (248)

Double Queen

$42.00 - $800.00 / night + taxes & fees

Bedroom 1 bedrooms
Bathroom 1 baths
Guests 4 guests
Dogs Allowed Dogs Allowed

  • Address: Cedar Avenue #unit 1
  • Location: South Lake Tahoe

Description Description
Note: All units may vary a bit by the layout and specific furniture.  All units may vary a bit by the layout and specific furniture.
Welcome to Blue Jay Lodge, your cozy retreat in the heart of South Lake Tahoe! We've made recent updates to enhance your comfort during your stay.

Our prime location allows easy exploration of popular attractions. Just a short walk away, you'll find Heavenly Village and the Gondola to Heavenly Resort. Lakeside Beach at Lake Tahoe, Harrah's and Hard Rock Casino, and a variety of restaurants, galleries, and bars are also within reach.

Our rooms provide a comfortable atmosphere and amenities for a pleasant stay. Enjoy a restful night's sleep, and find convenience with a mini fridge, microwave, and Keurig. Freshen up in the spacious full bathroom with a new tile shower. Relax with a flat-screen smart TV and high-speed WiFi.

Blue Jay Lodge offers an inviting outdoor space where you can unwind. Engage in lawn games, find a cozy seating area, or gather around the fire pit.

On-site parking is available, and many attractions are within walking distance. Lime or Uber scooters are also accessible.

Please note that other guests may be present in separate units. While we strive for a peaceful environment, some noise from adjacent units may be heard. Our property managers are available to address any concerns.

Well-behaved pets are welcome for an additional fee (please check availability in advance). We kindly request that pets refrain from climbing onto furniture or beds.

We've made recent updates to our property, although it wasn't a complete renovation. We appreciate your understanding.

Early check-ins and late check-outs are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Pool is currently not available.

This is a Multi- Listing.

Your safety is important to us, and we have exterior cameras for security. Please rest assured that your privacy within the rooms is fully respected.

At Blue Jay Lodge, we are committed to your comfort and satisfaction. Please reach out if there's anything we can do to enhance your stay. We look forward to hosting you for a memorable South Lake Tahoe experience!

Location Location

Availability Calendar Availability Calendar
February 2024
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March 2024
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3 4 5 6 7 8 $1190 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 $1050 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 $1001 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 $959 30
April 2024
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  1 2 3 4 5 $917 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 $749 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 $861 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 $861 27
28 29 30        
May 2024
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5 6 7 8 9 10 $868 11
12 13 14 15 16 17 $3829 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 $5600 25
26 27 28 29 30 31  
June 2024
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            $4767 1
2 3 4 5 6 7 $5460 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 $5600 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 $5600 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 $5600 29
July 2024
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7 8 9 10 11 12 $5600 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 $5600 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
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August 2024
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September 2024
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October 2024
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November 2024
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December 2024
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January 2025
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12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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26 27 28 29 30 31  
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Rates Rates
Start Date End Date Weekly Nightly
02/27/2024 02/27/2024       - $49.00
02/28/2024 02/28/2024       - $53.00
02/29/2024 02/29/2024       - $59.00
03/01/2024 03/01/2024       - $130.00
03/02/2024 03/02/2024       - $183.00
03/03/2024 03/03/2024       - $109.00
03/04/2024 03/04/2024       - $76.00
03/05/2024 03/05/2024       - $75.00
03/06/2024 03/06/2024       - $75.00
03/07/2024 03/07/2024       - $75.00
03/08/2024 03/08/2024       - $168.00
03/09/2024 03/09/2024       - $170.00
03/10/2024 03/10/2024       - $120.00
03/11/2024 03/11/2024       - $78.00
03/12/2024 03/12/2024       - $77.00
03/13/2024 03/13/2024       - $76.00
03/14/2024 03/14/2024       - $76.00
03/15/2024 03/15/2024       - $145.00
03/16/2024 03/16/2024       - $150.00
03/17/2024 03/17/2024       - $104.00
03/18/2024 03/18/2024       - $71.00
03/19/2024 03/19/2024       - $69.00
03/20/2024 03/20/2024       - $67.00
03/21/2024 03/21/2024       - $69.00
03/22/2024 03/22/2024       - $138.00
03/23/2024 03/23/2024       - $143.00
03/24/2024 03/24/2024       - $105.00
03/25/2024 03/25/2024       - $70.00
03/26/2024 03/26/2024       - $78.00
03/27/2024 03/27/2024       - $79.00
03/28/2024 03/28/2024       - $76.00
03/29/2024 03/29/2024       - $145.00
03/30/2024 03/30/2024       - $137.00
03/31/2024 03/31/2024       - $99.00
04/01/2024 04/01/2024       - $84.00
04/02/2024 04/02/2024       - $75.00
04/03/2024 04/03/2024       - $69.00
04/04/2024 04/04/2024       - $67.00
04/05/2024 04/05/2024       - $123.00
04/06/2024 04/06/2024       - $131.00
04/07/2024 04/07/2024       - $89.00
04/08/2024 04/08/2024       - $60.00
04/09/2024 04/09/2024       - $56.00
04/10/2024 04/10/2024       - $55.00
04/11/2024 04/11/2024       - $55.00
04/12/2024 04/12/2024       - $107.00
04/13/2024 04/13/2024       - $107.00
04/14/2024 04/14/2024       - $77.00
04/15/2024 04/15/2024       - $51.00
04/16/2024 04/16/2024       - $50.00
04/17/2024 04/17/2024       - $118.00
04/18/2024 04/18/2024       - $118.00
04/19/2024 04/19/2024       - $123.00
04/20/2024 04/20/2024       - $123.00
04/21/2024 04/21/2024       - $118.00
04/22/2024 04/22/2024       - $118.00
04/23/2024 04/23/2024       - $118.00
04/24/2024 04/24/2024       - $118.00
04/25/2024 04/25/2024       - $118.00
04/26/2024 04/26/2024       - $123.00
04/27/2024 04/27/2024       - $123.00
04/28/2024 04/28/2024       - $118.00
04/29/2024 04/29/2024       - $118.00
04/30/2024 04/30/2024       - $118.00
05/01/2024 05/01/2024       - $118.00
05/02/2024 05/02/2024       - $118.00
05/03/2024 05/03/2024       - $132.00
05/04/2024 05/04/2024       - $133.00
05/05/2024 05/05/2024       - $118.00
05/06/2024 05/06/2024       - $118.00
05/07/2024 05/07/2024       - $118.00
05/08/2024 05/08/2024       - $118.00
05/09/2024 05/09/2024       - $118.00
05/10/2024 05/10/2024       - $123.00
05/11/2024 05/11/2024       - $124.00
05/12/2024 05/12/2024       - $118.00
05/13/2024 05/13/2024       - $118.00
05/14/2024 05/14/2024       - $118.00
05/15/2024 05/15/2024       - $118.00
05/16/2024 05/16/2024       - $118.00
05/17/2024 05/17/2024       - $584.00
05/18/2024 05/18/2024       - $547.00
05/19/2024 05/19/2024       - $333.00
05/20/2024 05/20/2024       - $255.00
05/21/2024 05/21/2024       - $239.00
05/22/2024 05/22/2024       - $249.00
05/23/2024 05/23/2024       - $263.00
05/24/2024 05/24/2024       - $800.00
05/25/2024 05/25/2024       - $800.00
05/26/2024 05/26/2024       - $692.00
05/27/2024 05/27/2024       - $256.00
05/28/2024 05/28/2024       - $253.00
05/29/2024 05/29/2024       - $255.00
05/30/2024 05/30/2024       - $259.00
05/31/2024 05/31/2024       - $529.00
06/01/2024 06/01/2024       - $681.00
06/02/2024 06/02/2024       - $405.00
06/03/2024 06/03/2024       - $279.00
06/04/2024 06/04/2024       - $276.00
06/05/2024 06/05/2024       - $279.00
06/06/2024 06/06/2024       - $287.00
06/07/2024 06/07/2024       - $800.00
06/08/2024 06/08/2024       - $780.00
06/09/2024 06/09/2024       - $644.00
06/10/2024 06/10/2024       - $447.00
06/11/2024 06/11/2024       - $413.00
06/12/2024 06/12/2024       - $409.00
06/13/2024 06/13/2024       - $465.00
06/14/2024 06/14/2024       - $800.00
06/15/2024 06/15/2024       - $800.00
06/16/2024 06/16/2024       - $501.00
06/17/2024 06/17/2024       - $350.00
06/18/2024 06/18/2024       - $611.00
06/19/2024 06/19/2024       - $612.00
06/20/2024 06/20/2024       - $612.00
06/21/2024 06/21/2024       - $800.00
06/22/2024 06/22/2024       - $800.00
06/23/2024 06/23/2024       - $573.00
06/24/2024 06/24/2024       - $396.00
06/25/2024 06/25/2024       - $404.00
06/26/2024 06/26/2024       - $400.00
06/27/2024 06/27/2024       - $414.00
06/28/2024 06/28/2024       - $800.00
06/29/2024 06/29/2024       - $800.00
06/30/2024 06/30/2024       - $640.00
07/01/2024 07/01/2024       - $442.00
07/02/2024 07/02/2024       - $439.00
07/03/2024 07/03/2024       - $659.00
07/04/2024 07/04/2024       - $660.00
07/05/2024 07/05/2024       - $800.00
07/06/2024 07/06/2024       - $800.00
07/07/2024 07/07/2024       - $667.00
07/08/2024 07/08/2024       - $454.00
07/09/2024 07/09/2024       - $447.00
07/10/2024 07/10/2024       - $574.00
07/11/2024 07/11/2024       - $650.00
07/12/2024 07/12/2024       - $800.00
07/13/2024 07/13/2024       - $800.00
07/14/2024 07/14/2024       - $789.00
07/15/2024 07/15/2024       - $501.00
07/16/2024 07/16/2024       - $479.00
07/17/2024 07/17/2024       - $501.00
07/18/2024 07/18/2024       - $455.00
07/19/2024 07/19/2024       - $800.00
07/20/2024 07/20/2024       - $800.00
07/21/2024 07/21/2024       - $693.00
07/22/2024 07/22/2024       - $460.00
07/23/2024 07/23/2024       - $450.00
07/24/2024 07/24/2024       - $451.00
07/25/2024 07/25/2024       - $495.00
07/26/2024 07/26/2024       - $800.00
07/27/2024 07/27/2024       - $800.00
07/28/2024 07/28/2024       - $677.00
07/29/2024 07/29/2024       - $461.00
07/30/2024 07/30/2024       - $449.00
07/31/2024 07/31/2024       - $447.00
08/01/2024 08/01/2024       - $118.00
08/02/2024 08/02/2024       - $224.00
08/03/2024 08/03/2024       - $229.00
08/04/2024 08/04/2024       - $164.00
08/05/2024 08/05/2024       - $118.00
08/06/2024 08/06/2024       - $118.00
08/07/2024 08/07/2024       - $118.00
08/08/2024 08/08/2024       - $118.00
08/09/2024 08/09/2024       - $213.00
08/10/2024 08/10/2024       - $255.00
08/11/2024 08/11/2024       - $165.00
08/12/2024 08/12/2024       - $118.00
08/13/2024 08/13/2024       - $118.00
08/14/2024 08/14/2024       - $118.00
08/15/2024 08/15/2024       - $118.00
08/16/2024 08/16/2024       - $203.00
08/17/2024 08/17/2024       - $208.00
08/18/2024 08/18/2024       - $150.00
08/19/2024 08/19/2024       - $118.00
08/20/2024 08/20/2024       - $118.00
08/21/2024 08/21/2024       - $118.00
08/22/2024 08/22/2024       - $118.00
08/23/2024 08/23/2024       - $215.00
08/24/2024 08/24/2024       - $237.00
08/25/2024 08/25/2024       - $142.00
08/26/2024 08/26/2024       - $118.00
08/27/2024 08/27/2024       - $118.00

Amenities 38 Amenities
  • Body soap
  • Conditioner
  • Shower gel
  • Tub
  • Air conditioning
  • Clothing storage
  • Essentials
  • Extra pillows and blankets
  • Garden or backyard
  • Hair Dryer
  • Hangers
  • Heating
  • Hot water
  • Iron
  • Laptop Friendly workspace
  • Laundromat
  • Linens
  • Outdoor grill
  • Private entrance
  • Room darkening shades
  • Shampoo
  • TV
  • Wireless
Kitchen & Dining
  • Coffee
  • Microwave
  • Mini fridge
  • Beach
  • Lake
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Free parking
  • Dogs allowed
  • Long term stays allowed
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Smoke detector

Reviews Rating 4.7 (248) Reviews
Rating 5
Great location to everything
Julian M - Posted: 2/26/2024
Rating 1
Cuando llegue todo muy bien los empleados muy amables y serviciales ademas excelente porque hablan español, en cuanto a la habitación el calentador estaba dañado nos trajeron otro pero cuando estábamos durmiendo hubo un apagón y tuvimos que esperar mucho tiempo que todo se arreglara.
Andres C - Posted: 2/25/2024
Rating 5
I stayed here with my kids and it was a perfect little place for us. We walked to the arcade, saw live music at the brewery next door and just had a blast. Taking the gondola was easy too since it was just walking distance away. The room was warm during arrival and that was perfect after a long day of skiing. It’s definitely worth coming back and I highly recommend to stay here.
Tin F - Posted: 2/23/2024
Rating 5
Far exceeded expectations. Very accommodating and great with my 2 dogs. Made the trip very enjoyable and convenient
Matthew M - Posted: 2/22/2024
Rating 5
Great place to stay near heavenly
Lenny C - Posted: 2/22/2024
Rating 5
Place was great!
Patrick T - Posted: 2/21/2024
Rating 5
I stayed here with my wife and son for 1 night while skiing in South Lake Tahoe. we arrived a few hours after check-in. There were plenty of parking spaces, the place was easy to find, and the check-in process was a breeze. We brought a few groceries with us so we could use the microwave to warm up the food when we arrived to our room. Upon entering the room, we noticed that the room lights turned on but the outlets weren't working. I messaged our host and within minutes they sent a handyman to come and repair the issue. After checking out the next day, we had forgotten our son's snow suit. They messaged us immediately after we left and I was able to return and pick it up from an employee that had placed it in a bag and was waiting for us by the parking lot. I know we will stay here again for sure because of the great response from the host—packaged with the fact that it's priced very competitive and it's also located within walking distance to the gondola.
Jason N - Posted: 2/21/2024
Rating 5
Our stay at this property was short & sweet! we were in Tahoe for a weekend of snowboarding and the place was walkable to everything South Lake had to offer including the Gondola base area. The unit was clean and had everything we needed for a 2 night stay. I would stay here again and recommend it for a weekend ski or summer adventure trip to South Lake.
John B - Posted: 2/20/2024
Rating 5
Would come again!
Isabel P - Posted: 2/19/2024
Rating 4
Location is great and host is very responsive!
Itzel O - Posted: 2/18/2024
Rating 5
Excellent experience! Very clean, flexible and honest experience. I will definitely stay here again.
Brandon M - Posted: 2/18/2024
Rating 5
Great stay, super simple to arrive and leave, clean and warm (went in the winter) close to Heavenly Village.
Gabriela G - Posted: 2/18/2024
Rating 4
The place is very good and close to everything which is great! Place is exactly as it is on the pictures. Heater is amazing ? since it snowed the night we stayed. The water heated up quickly too which is something we appreciated because we travelled with small kids.
Kateri M - Posted: 2/17/2024
Rating 5
Clean and great place to stay. Supper convenient if you’re going to Heavenly
Angela N - Posted: 2/16/2024
Rating 5
Adventure Stays is always my go-to when I’m booking trips to Tahoe! They make everything super easy and are very responsive. The unit was as described and perfect for what I needed. It was a quick walk to all the bars and restaurants in South Lake Tahoe and close to all the resorts. I would highly recommend and will for sure be staying with them again!
Kyle Z - Posted: 2/15/2024
Rating 5
A simple, easy stay in a fantastic location. Room was spacious for 2, with an additional closet area for storage. Room was clean, check in was easy, and had plenty of clean towels and extra blankets. Heavenly gondola was a few minute walk. Super convenient for the bus drop-off from Reno. Nice to have restaurants, stores, and casinos all within easy walking distance. Would stay here again!
David H - Posted: 2/15/2024
Rating 5
They accommodated my request for a ground floor room since we had snowboarding gear. Easy to find parking.
Ari T - Posted: 2/13/2024
Rating 5
Clean reasonably priced room!
Valerie L - Posted: 2/12/2024
Rating 5
Cozy room, easy / secure check in, quick responses from the "hosts", and really close to everything while still being off the main drag. We stayed with our pups, and saw a few more dogs there! The upstairs people were kind of loud and we could hear it in our room, but that's kind of to be expected in these kind of hotels. Came with a mini fridge and a microwave, which was awesome.
Medina C - Posted: 2/12/2024
Rating 5
Five minute walk from gondola, very communicative host. Would definitely recommend
Connor C - Posted: 2/12/2024
Rating 4
This is a cute little place maybe a half mile from Heavenly Village, so great location. Nothing special about the hotel but got the job done. We did have problems with the WiFi, so that was unfortunate.
Joe A - Posted: 2/11/2024
Rating 5
Couldn't have found a better deal for a place to spend the night while skiing in Tahoe!
Jeff S - Posted: 2/7/2024
Rating 5
The room matched exactly what the picture showed. It was very clean, quiet, and easy to check in. It made it very convenient to just show up and go straight to our room. Everything to do was within walking distance. I’m not sure if they do room cleanings (maid service) during your stay, though we do ever have ours when we stay places. You might want to ask the place. The host was also informative and quick to respond upon check in and checking out. I would definitely stay there again!
Meryl M - Posted: 2/7/2024
Rating 5
Muy céntrico el alojamiento, y muy amables los administradores
Oscar S - Posted: 2/5/2024
Rating 5
Simple check in, host quickly responsive and the area was clean and tidy. It made it a lovely quick stay.
Vanessa V - Posted: 2/4/2024
Rating 5
Looks like from the description, everything went well. Easy access. We aren’t fans of the casinos and they are just a block away. But if you like using the gondola that location is a plus.
Erwan M - Posted: 2/4/2024
Rating 5
We definitely enjoyed to stay with them, the place was very neat, 7-10 min walkable to Heavenly Village gondola and lots of good restaurants. They were also pretty friendly and communicative hosts. Looking forward to come back again at some point!
Diana R - Posted: 1/30/2024
Rating 5
De los mejores airbnbs que me he quedado. La atención increible, los host fueron super amables. Definitivamente regresaría, esta súper cerca de todo ??
Ana Z - Posted: 1/29/2024
Rating 5
It was the perfect place for us to stay a couple of nights. Very central to almost everything Tahoe, yet not crowded. Responsive host and everything was as expected.
Daniel L - Posted: 1/29/2024
Rating 5
Exactly what we needed for our quick trip. The heater was on for us when we arrived so no need to heat up a cold room. Host was incredibly responsive the entire time. Great spot.
Jake A - Posted: 1/28/2024
Rating 5
Very responsive to our needs when we messaged them. A great and affordable option to stay at for a weekend ski trip!
Hayden S - Posted: 1/28/2024
Rating 5
What a beautiful place, close from The ski resort and comfy
Danilo S - Posted: 1/27/2024
Rating 3
Amazingly clean white sheets were spotless floor look spot less, the inside looked like it was recently renovated and the bathroom was spotless props to the cleaning lady.
Cristhian C - Posted: 1/27/2024
Rating 5
Great place to stay if you want to be in the heart of Heavenly village area and ski all day. We walked to the gondola to go skiing, and walking distance to restaurants/casinos! Would stay here again for skiing.
Patricie S - Posted: 1/23/2024
Rating 5
Great place and location. Walking distance to several top rated restaurants and casinos!
Joel A - Posted: 1/22/2024
Rating 4
Kevin K - Posted: 1/20/2024
Rating 5
Clean and relatively spacious hotel room with hard flooring. Would stay again!
Harmonie L - Posted: 1/19/2024
Rating 5
Easy check in and check out. Has comfy beds and room looked exactly as pictured. Location was near the lake, casinos and restaurants. Wouldn’t hesitate staying here again.
Joel B - Posted: 1/19/2024
Rating 5
Clean and close to heavenly, smooth and easy check in and out process
Nicholas C - Posted: 1/19/2024
Rating 5
Convenient location, clean, easy check in and checkout. Be prepared to hear others getting out early, but that’s not a problem if you also wake up early.
Tom H - Posted: 1/17/2024
Rating 5
Muy bien ubicado, el espacio estaba muy limpio y ordenado.
Andrey C - Posted: 1/17/2024
Rating 5
Was really close to the gondola for folks wanting to stay near there
Patrick S - Posted: 1/16/2024
Rating 5
Our second stay at this Airbnb, and it's still our absolute favorite whenever we head to South Lake Tahoe! It's super convenient—no parking headaches, just a leisurely stroll to the Gondola with our ski gear. The room is clean, cozy, and equipped with plenty of chairs and tables. What's really sweet is the room's big closet, perfect for hanging and storing our gears. Plus, it's pet-friendly, and being close to Harris and Harrah casinos, with all the shops a short walk away, adds to the charm.
Puck A - Posted: 1/16/2024
Rating 5
The place itself was very clean and exactly what was listed. In addition, it was super close to a lot of restaurants and only a short drive away from Heavenly.
Catherine W - Posted: 1/15/2024
Rating 5
Great place for what we needed. Was dog friendly. Walking distance to Heavenly village.
Justin I - Posted: 1/15/2024
Rating 5
Place was very clean and the location was awesome. We walked over to the Heavenly Gondola plaza everyday. Parking was great during the day but completely full at night if you came back after dinner time. The only thing we didn’t like about the place was that the walls were paper thin and we could hear people from several rooms away. I also woke up multiple times from people walking by our door and from the slamming of other doors.
Shelley K - Posted: 1/15/2024
Rating 5
Overall it was a good place to go sleep and then go about your day. It was clean. No extras for the guest besides the room.
Veronica H - Posted: 1/15/2024
Rating 4
It’s a nice place close to everything
Jose G - Posted: 1/14/2024
Rating 5
Booked this place for a last minute stay for a night. Host was super responsive when I asked for an earlier check-in.
Monica P - Posted: 1/13/2024
Rating 5
everything was great
Sangkeun J - Posted: 1/12/2024
Rating 5
Ce logement était propre et très bien situé par rapport à Heavenly Village. Adventure Stays était à l’écoute et répondait toujours rapidement. Merci pour ce séjour chez vous!
Hitiata M - Posted: 1/11/2024
Rating 4
Parking lot always filled with snow
Yu C - Posted: 1/10/2024
Rating 5
I really like Adventure stays. Inexpensive, clean and really nice beds.
Brent W - Posted: 1/9/2024
Rating 5
Great value for a very clean and convenient place!
William Z - Posted: 1/8/2024
Rating 5
The host was very helpful and the images on the host page matched our room, well flipped, other than this the room was nice and much better than the room I booked a year ago at the hard rock. Only had one issue and it was with the snowstorm that took place the night we came in but it’s not their fault lol, room was nice and warm. I highly recommend this place, it’s nice and quiet and even though they say the walls are paper thin since the building is from the 1950’s we didn’t really hear much from neighbors, maybe we were lucky or everyone was respectful of each other. I will definitely book my next South Lake Tahoe trip with them, I’m looking forward to it. Thanks again Blue Jay/ Adventure stays!
Hector H - Posted: 1/8/2024
Rating 5
This was the perfect place to stay and vacation. The room was very clean and cozy. We really enjoyed the fact that we could walk to all the shops and restaurants. Best thing of is how close it is to the lake.
Kelly S - Posted: 1/8/2024
Rating 5
Great value, walkable to Heavenly Gondola. The place is clean, affordable and easy to find as well.
An N - Posted: 1/7/2024
Rating 5
Amazing location :)
Talita B - Posted: 1/6/2024
Rating 5
This was in a great location in South Lake Tahoe right off the main strip, allowing you to sleep in peace but only a few steps away from the action. The room was very clean and was easy to settle into. Thanks for a great stay!
Shakeel B - Posted: 1/6/2024
Rating 5
Nice and clean room, had everything we need during our stay.
Stephanie T - Posted: 1/6/2024
Rating 5
Lisong Q - Posted: 1/5/2024
Rating 5
Comfy stay!
Fadoua H - Posted: 1/5/2024
Rating 5
Excellent location, clean facilities just like the pictures. We are coming back next weekend ?
Chalida O - Posted: 1/4/2024
Rating 5
Very convenient location, hotel is clean & tidy
Jessica P - Posted: 1/4/2024
Rating 4
Great place to stay, close to heavenly & many restaurants. We got lucky & it snowed the night we stayed there, it was very easy to walk out and enjoy the snow as the place has only 2 floors (more like apartment style). Folks who stayed above us were very noisy till about 2AM, we reached out to host multiple times and the host did respond everytime, but unfortunately we couldnt sleep until 2ish.
Karthik S - Posted: 1/4/2024
Rating 5
great location.
Zach H - Posted: 1/4/2024
Rating 5
It's close to many restaurants and stores. The room is clean and spacious. The host replied to my questions was smooth and quick.
Kuan-Yun W - Posted: 1/3/2024
Rating 5
The room at the blue jay lodge was perfect. close to everything and just far enough from highway traffic.
Jason H - Posted: 1/3/2024
Rating 5
Very affordable for the cleanliness, ease of check-in/check-out, location, and overall stay!
Tiffany G - Posted: 1/2/2024
Rating 5
Great communication, and a great place close to Tahoe Blue and other venues. Very easy!
Jimmy P - Posted: 1/2/2024
Rating 5
Great place for short stays, short walking distance from everywhere, great communication with the host.
Bianca S - Posted: 1/1/2024
Rating 5
Definitely a lodge I plan to come back to! Clean and homey unit. Management was super attentive, kind, and welcoming. Love that it’s dog friendly and still remains clean overall. My favorite lodge I’ve experienced in tahoe!
Mari R - Posted: 1/1/2024
Rating 5
This is a great Airbnb! You’re 5 minutes walking distance away from all downtown. The room was really clean and the host was very polite and respectful. Not only does he respond quickly but he ensures you are great during your stay!
Angel B - Posted: 1/1/2024
Rating 5
This booking is located right in the town center - restaurants and the Heavenly Ski Resort tram to Gondola were fairly walkable, so we never had to worry about parking during our stay. The room itself was very clean and modern. The beds were extremely comfortable. Host was very responsive. We would definitely book this place again :)
Sabrina M - Posted: 12/30/2023
Rating 5
Best Deal in Tahoe. Walking distance to lake, casino, and restaurants. Cozy hotel vibes, running hot water and heater.
Samuel C - Posted: 12/28/2023
Rating 5
This place is located less than a 5 min walk from all the casinos, restaurants, and the Heavenly resort gondola. Perfect location and very helpful staff. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
Rogelio C - Posted: 12/27/2023
Rating 5
Great location in South Tahoe. You’re walking distance from everything. We will definitely rebook here. We loved that this location is animal friendly but super clean so you can’t even tell it’s an animal friendly spot. Everything is well maintained and updated cute. Water is instantly hot. Air units work great and you have the ability to open your room window for fresh air. Not one single complaint. Book here if you want a clean location, that’s walking distance to all. Definitely get your bang for your buck here.
Tiffany B - Posted: 12/27/2023
Rating 4
Highly recommend to heavenly travelers.
Dale B - Posted: 12/24/2023
Rating 5
My family and I were absolutely amazed with the place!! This was a last minute booking and we have to say that it was worth the money. We were on a budget and this place was amazing for the price we paid for!! It was cleaned and had all the amenities that we need. Not only was it clean, but it was so close to areas we could eat and shop. We also got free vouchers and recommended areas that we could go to. We will definitely come back soon.
Cesia M - Posted: 12/23/2023
Rating 5
Muy accesible el lugar estaba muy céntrico y está bonita la a habitación
Gabriela M - Posted: 12/21/2023
Rating 5
Easy, solid spot
Jacob A - Posted: 12/19/2023
Rating 5
Super close to Heavenly. Clean and spacious parking. Great host and communicator. It was easy to check in and check out.
Emily S - Posted: 12/19/2023
Rating 5
i love this place , i will come back here again next time.
Luis J - Posted: 12/19/2023
Rating 5
Slept great not sure if it was the bed or the drive up. Close to casino, shopping and gondola.
Jorje A - Posted: 12/18/2023
Rating 5
I'm very happy with this place, it was very clean, the check-in was super easy and the location is simply amazing, we were able to just walk to the restaurant area and the Heavenly Sky Resort, I definitely recommend this place!
César Z - Posted: 12/11/2023
Rating 5
Recently renovated, clean and modern, motel room walking distance from the lifts and the beach!
Laurence P - Posted: 12/11/2023
Rating 5
Great Location!
Henry S - Posted: 12/11/2023
Rating 5
A great lodge to stay at, the room was just what we were expecting, and the location was ideal / close to a lot of places to do things. The rooms had a nice touch to it - the towels / linens / cleaning room, fridge/microwave/coffee. Heating was pre-set before we got there, so cosy to arrive. Beds were comfy. Super easy to check in / check out. The area is beautiful. There's an amazing breakfast spot behind the lodge, and we enjoyed an evening walk to Harrah's / Harveys for a bite to eat and evening entertainment.
Brett C - Posted: 12/10/2023
Rating 5
Super clean and nice, beautiful ??
Jorge V - Posted: 12/6/2023
Rating 5
Unassuming hotel close to Casinos and Gondola. Got a great price (discount due to early ski season).
David B - Posted: 12/4/2023
Rating 2
Small but fine for sleeping there. Smelled like dogs
Dominick M - Posted: 11/26/2023
Rating 3
Door is old and needs oiling. They gave 4 pillows for each bed and a single pillow is too flat, but when I put 2 pillows one on top of another, it was way too high! One good pillow of the right firmness should have done the trick. The uncomfortable pillows ruined the sleep experience, mattress is fine. Overall the room is fine but the price paid was much too high for a motel.
Cheryl L - Posted: 11/22/2023
Rating 5
Can’t wait to go back and stay with you guys again! Place was perfect and warm bathroom was nice closet had extra cozy blankets my kids enjoyed! Easy getting in with keyless entry love that! Lots do to with walking distance
Xenia S - Posted: 11/21/2023
Rating 5
This place was perfect. Easy to find, easy to check in. It’s walking distance from all the shops and casinos at south lake. You can also walk to the beach. It was clean and comfortable and they gave all the info needed for a great stay. Would recommend and would return!
Tia A - Posted: 11/20/2023
Rating 5
Great place nice and. Clean ! Close to casinos and other activities were walking distance .
Liliana R - Posted: 11/19/2023
Rating 5
Exceptional customer service. Great location. Very clean. And for a very good price. There is a brewery right next to it and restaurants near by. Hosts are responsive. Left my earpods and they kept it safe and are shipping it to me. Couldn’t ask for more.
Saurav G - Posted: 11/18/2023
Rating 4
Everything was clean, accurate and comfortable. I’d emailed them before arrival with no response. Then I messaged via the booking and they replied. Be sure to correspond using Airbnb, not email. Even though my profile was linked to the booking, they apparently had no record and needed lots of back and forth to verify. That said, they were very responsive here. My gripe is they wouldn’t allow late check out, saying I could have 30 extra min max (at $25) so they could prepare the room for other guests. When I asked about options, they revealed that if I paid for a whole extra night, they could allow me to stay in the same room and switch the new guests to another room (no one had booked my room, in fact). They had vacancy, but arbitrarily wouldn’t allow a late check out, which I found ungracious. Also, they were eventually indeed helpful with the package reception I’d emailed about (but it would’ve been smoother if they’d replied to my initial email). Overall: not great, but decent.
Belle V - Posted: 11/16/2023
Rating 5
Exactly what we wanted! Quiet, great price for what we saw around. We loved the coffee shop just a minute walk away with snacks and juice. Room was clean. Very easy to get in, felt really private. Less than 10 minute walk to a lovely beach on the lake.
Ari B - Posted: 11/15/2023
Rating 5
Very convenient stay. Everything was as represented. I’d consider again for future travel.
Steven M - Posted: 11/13/2023
Rating 5
Staff were very responsive and check in process was easy.
Sheryl V - Posted: 11/7/2023
Rating 5
All good
Vanessa K - Posted: 11/7/2023
Rating 5
We had a wonderful stay, we loved the location, the bed was extremely comfortable. We would stay here again
Sheri G - Posted: 11/5/2023
Rating 5
Great affordable option for a weekend getaway. Was place was clean and a breeze to check in.
Gerson C - Posted: 10/30/2023
Rating 5
The room is exactly like they are shown in the pictures and they were very clean!
Mira B - Posted: 10/30/2023
Rating 5
great place to stay
Jorge M - Posted: 10/29/2023
Rating 5
Pablo M - Posted: 10/24/2023
Rating 5
Stayed here for 3 nights. It was a 2 min drive from heavenly village and surrounded by restaurants and little shops as well as other inn’s. Looked just like photos, was very clean, and had all the amenities! It’s a very “modern” inn inside. I liked it, it was cute. Heater works very well, and shower water can get very hot at the highest temp setting which was great! We also brought extra blankets with us (as we do to at any hotel if we drive to that location) and so we were all set, if you are able to bring some I would recommend to do so if it’s fall/winter time.
Anais R - Posted: 10/23/2023
Rating 4
place was very clean. super comfortable beds. great central location.
Sara M - Posted: 10/21/2023
Rating 5
Very clean and nicely remodeled unit. Amazing location close to everything. Would definitely stay here again!
Tom S - Posted: 10/17/2023
Rating 5
I would recommend this place as it has a clean room. Plus, we left our backpack there, so they called us and shipped it to us, which is nice. If you have a kid, please don't hesitate to book this.
Harry P - Posted: 10/16/2023
Rating 5
Girls weekend with my mother in Stateline was amazing thanks to this location. The room was walking distance to restaurants and casinos as well as nature walks/trails and beaches. They allow dogs which was extremely helpful since we have two pups that traveled with us. The only thing I did not like was the shower. The water pressure was way too hard. But that’s it! We noticed a slight leak in the fridge and they had maintenance over to fix it in no time. Responses were extremely quick and friendly. I will definitely come back!
Mayra R - Posted: 10/15/2023
Rating 5
A+ stay
Shreyas K - Posted: 10/13/2023
Rating 5
Easy, affordable, clean stay. Would stay here again.
Heather B - Posted: 10/11/2023
Rating 5
Definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for somewhere to stay super close to casinos restaurants, stores beaches. Also, it was such an easy check in and room was very nice and clean. The beds were super comfortable. I would definitely rate this please 10/10. It wasn’t noisy whatsoever. The only thing I would hear was foot steps above us, but other than that nothing major.
Yesenia G - Posted: 10/10/2023
Rating 5
Excellent location, very nice room with updated features, comfortable bed.
Jeff K - Posted: 10/9/2023
Rating 5
My first visit to Lake Tahoe and I loved it. Everything you need is in walking distance. If you go to a major store like Walmart or Target before you come, you will never have to move your car. I got high altitude sickness after hiking but an urgent care was near and oxygen Boost was sold at a few local stores!
Kenobia E - Posted: 10/7/2023
Rating 5
The room was completely renovated. It's clean and the mattress is also very comfortable. The room was warm when I got here. They already turned on the heater for us.
Nahyun K - Posted: 10/3/2023
Rating 5
Great place to stay while in Tahoe - clean, comfortable, and so close to the casinos. Will definitely stay again!
Gabriel R - Posted: 10/2/2023
Rating 5
Loved this place and would stay again in the future. My room was fully updated and super nice. Incredible location close to everything. Super comfy bed.
William O - Posted: 10/2/2023
Rating 4
really cute and comfy room, bathroom could’ve been a bit better and the parking lot is kind of small for how many rooms there are, other than that great stay !
Zoë L - Posted: 10/2/2023
Rating 5
Great value and perfect for what we needed. They were very responsive and took care of any issues quickly. The location is walking distance to good coffee and restaurants around town.
Darlene T - Posted: 10/1/2023
Rating 5
The place was clean and check in was easy. Host was proactive and responsive. Price was reasonable too. Happy with the stay.
Vlad A - Posted: 10/1/2023
Rating 3
Room seemed like it was recently painted and the bathroom was cute and updated. Only negatives was hair in the bathroom (more than one) and really bad water pressure in the shower. The tv was also not set up properly when I arrived but maintenance was sent over asap and got it resolved which was great.
Lindsey H - Posted: 9/30/2023
Rating 5
The newly renovated space felt clean and stylish. Wouldn’t mind staying here again in the future!
Chen-Yun Y - Posted: 9/28/2023
Rating 5
We were able to check-in a little early, Everything was very clean. We went for walks at night and all the restaurants and places downtown are close by. Thanks for everything. Carlos
Carlos C - Posted: 9/26/2023
Rating 5
Great stay!! Thank you!
Amanda B - Posted: 9/26/2023
Rating 5
Great stay!
Tayelor P - Posted: 9/25/2023
Rating 5
Great location and price
Brandy S - Posted: 9/25/2023
Rating 5
Beautiful place, looked exactly how the pictures showed. Beautiful surroundings and felt right at home.
Maria L - Posted: 9/23/2023
Rating 4
Good place, good location. We enjoy our stay.
Bang V - Posted: 9/22/2023
Rating 4
?? ? - Posted: 9/19/2023
Rating 5
Great place! No problems and close from everything. In our experience floor could had be just a little well cleaned because it was a little dusty! But managers were always ready to help and communicative we choose for not saying anything because our stay was not so long. Cozy and well located hotel. I’d come back for sure!!
Yan O - Posted: 9/19/2023
Rating 5
the room was nice, very neat and clean. The bathroom was also kept very clean, check in was smooth and hassle free.
Abraham M - Posted: 9/18/2023
Rating 5
Had a wonderful stay! Will be back again
Emerald S - Posted: 9/18/2023
Rating 5
Perfectly location, very helpful staff on and off site.
Craig H - Posted: 9/16/2023
Rating 4
Nice location. Walking distance to most restaurants and shops
Marissa M - Posted: 9/14/2023
Rating 5
Very nice and affordable stay! Within range of fun and dining. One to remember!
Cesar F - Posted: 9/10/2023
Rating 5
Awesome place. Great communication great price!!
Cyndi B - Posted: 9/9/2023
Rating 5
We had a nice stay at Blue Jay Lodge. The place is pretty close to the other hotels and it’s in a central location. Many restaurants are within a short drive. There were enough parking spaces. The room was large, bathroom and other stuff looked new and clean. As some other reviews say, walls are kind of thin, so you might hear some noise from the adjacent rooms, but we didn’t have an important issue.
Mert A - Posted: 9/7/2023
Rating 5
Loved the place, it was close to the town. Walkable to restaurants and local hang out spots. Also incredibly close and walking distance to the beach.
Hannah G - Posted: 9/7/2023
Rating 5
Great value for money. Easy to get inside. Room clean and fresh. Highly recommended!
Dima Y - Posted: 9/6/2023
Rating 5
Great place to stay!
Kristina G - Posted: 9/3/2023
Rating 4
staff is nor very friendly, the room was nice, beds were clean but floor was a little dirty. not very flexible with the check in time, we got there 40 min before our check-in time, the room was ready and they didn't allowed us to go in 30 min early even tho is was raining and I had my baby with me, we had to wait inside the car. ( it was 30 min early ) we were traveling from Anaheim CA, we paid for 2 nights and they couldn't even make an exception of 30 min due to the weather. at check out time they asked us to take out our own trash. we paid a very decent amount for 2 nights.
Marlene R - Posted: 9/3/2023
Rating 3
The room was clean and neat. Beds were comfortable.
Tracy M - Posted: 9/1/2023
Rating 5
The reviews that complained of noises had me worried and seeing earplugs on the desk. However, we hear no noises and slept great. The location was perfect. Walking distance from food, shops, and casinos. Would recommend!
Jennifer H - Posted: 8/30/2023
Rating 4
Entspricht der Beschreibung!
Jojo G - Posted: 8/29/2023
Rating 5
Great location, very nice, and clean
Cody C - Posted: 8/28/2023
Rating 5
Easy check-in, plenty of parking, well cleaned, and only a few blocks from stores and restaurants.
Maly T - Posted: 8/28/2023
Rating 5
Great stay, lovely location
Anthony Q - Posted: 8/27/2023
Rating 5
Location was great for the price. Almost everything was walking distance. We loved knowing which unit we got and the code to get in well ahead our arrival. Parking was easy as well.
Elizabeth M - Posted: 8/27/2023
Rating 5
Great spot
Eoin K - Posted: 8/27/2023
Rating 5
Great location, easy check in, fast response to any questions we had.
Hannah M - Posted: 8/24/2023
Rating 4
Very clean, great location. Noise and cigarette smell was not good at all. Thanks for the earplugs.
Alfonso M - Posted: 8/23/2023
Rating 5
The host was extremely responsive. Amazing location and great stay!
Aroop D - Posted: 8/22/2023
Rating 5
We like everything about it and it was good area , close to beach and near to town . Definitely we will back next summer or winter. Thank you!
Bita T - Posted: 8/22/2023
Rating 5
Bathroom is a bit small, no counter top. Very clean. Walking distance to casinos and gondola.
Terry G - Posted: 8/21/2023
Rating 5
great place to stay after a long hike, and very communicative and helpful getting in early when our timing changed
Shannon C - Posted: 8/21/2023
Rating 5
Place was very convenient and quiet. Would choose to stay here again if I can.
Jonathan S - Posted: 8/21/2023
Rating 5
Great stay, easy access to everything in South Lake and good location for concerts at Harvey’s too.
Travis U - Posted: 8/21/2023
Rating 5
great location, responsive host, and adequate amenities ?
Mehmet C - Posted: 8/19/2023
Rating 5
Fantastic stay
Brian S - Posted: 8/18/2023
Rating 4
Excellent apartment (clean and comfortable) and location (walking distance from 2 stunning beaches)!! The self check in feature was excellent as we had a late flight and didn’t arrive at the property until 1am - the door code provided didn’t work originally, however, adventure stays replied within minutes to resolve this issue!! Communication with other queries throughout our stay was also excellent and very fast. Would highly recommend :)
Zoë M - Posted: 8/17/2023
Rating 5
Great room for 1 night. I love the fact that they are pet friendly! They even offered doggie beds. The room was clean and spacious. Check-in was a breeze and it was quiet for the most part. We were in a room downstairs and could hear everything from the room above but not worth complaining about. I would definitely stay here again!
Gustavo E - Posted: 8/16/2023
Rating 5
Great place for the price. Right near Stateline with lots to do around it.
Scott R - Posted: 8/15/2023
Rating 5
Awesome place great location and clean
Sandra S - Posted: 8/15/2023
Rating 5
Great location ! Easy check in ! Loved that it was contactless so didn’t need to go through the hassle of checking in ! You just went to your room entered your code and that was it! Host was very responsive and informative! Would definitely stay again ! ?
Xochitl G - Posted: 8/14/2023
Rating 5
Cozy and clean, nicely renovated rooms - perfect for budget-conscious traveler. Location was perfect - very short walk distance to nice selection of restaurants, beach, right near state line (casinos), and Heavenly village and shops. The room itself is clean - ours had 2 queen beds, which is understandably tight for family of 4. Parking onsite was no problem. We did not encounter any noise issues (referenced in other reviews), but given how close each room is (again, think motel), we could understand how that might be a problem. White noise of fan / air conditioning seemed to drown out all outside noises for us. Price was great, especially for location. If you know what you are reserving (don’t expect a high-end vacation resort), you won’t be disappointed. You can also take comfort that the host is *VERY* responsive.
Alv H - Posted: 8/13/2023
Rating 5
Was very impressed with the location, size of the room and overall stay. We rented a two queen bed room and it was very clean and beautiful. Was given the code for no-contact check in. Was quiet. Enough parking. Everything was perfect. Will always stay here anytime I visit!!
Joy H - Posted: 8/5/2023
Rating 5
The place was wonderfully situated, really close to everything from restaurants to jet ski rentals! And it was clean and cozy. Perfect for my one night stay, but would’ve been good for multiple nights as well!
Steve M - Posted: 8/5/2023
Rating 5
We had a little code trouble, but the hosts were right on it and got us into the room quite quickly. Highly recommended for a quick stay in Lake Tahoe!
Scott G - Posted: 8/5/2023
Rating 5
Easy parking and very clean room. Happy to have the fridge and microwave too. Super quick responses, which we appreciated and needed when our code didn’t work at first. They even sent back an item I forgot right away. A good stay in a great location
Emilia D - Posted: 8/5/2023
Rating 5
Nice clean updated lodge, great location, only complaint would be pool was too cold and no hot tub.
James F - Posted: 8/1/2023
Rating 5
Very nice place! Right in downtown and close to a couple beaches. The place itself was clean and a good amount of space for 3 people.
Nisha T - Posted: 7/31/2023
Rating 5
Loved the area this was located in everything was within walking distance. Host was very helpful and responded very quickly.
Doris D - Posted: 7/31/2023
Rating 5
Excellent flexible, and friendly host! Always stayed in touch! The location is nice! Place and building itself a bit noisy, especially morning, and sometimes hard to find some parking space. Overall our vacation was great! We want to stay again!
Stephen B - Posted: 7/30/2023
Rating 4
Will come again with a boat
Khe L - Posted: 7/29/2023
Rating 5
We had a great time!
Amanda J - Posted: 7/24/2023
Rating 5
Super clean and in an awesome location in downtown South Lake Tahoe. Walking distance from Heavenly, tons of restaurants, and the Casinos. They were very accommodating for our friend who needed an early check in for a work meeting.
Sam J - Posted: 7/21/2023
Rating 5
We got a very nice and clean room in a great location! Awesome find for a last minute trip we did at Lake Tahoe. Close to everything!
Christelle P - Posted: 7/20/2023
Rating 5
Great place to stay and everything was as advertised. Adventure stays communicated very well with us. The local information in the room was very helpful. We would stay with them again.
Robert T - Posted: 7/18/2023
Rating 5
Great stay
Melanie F - Posted: 7/18/2023
Rating 5
the location was amazing, will be back soon.
Osvaldo C - Posted: 7/18/2023
Rating 5
We stayed for the celebrity golf tournament and the location was amazing! It was close to the tournament, casinos, the beach- you name it! It was more spacious than the pictures made it out to be too and had easy parking and instructions to the building.
Halle O - Posted: 7/17/2023
Rating 4
The rooms are cute and redone well. Very clean, beds comfortable and closet very spacious . Of course local is the best. There is a laundry area with extra towels, toiletries and such but I only found that out because of the handy man when we were looking for a parking pass . I didn’t know based upon info that we needed a parking pass. Pool area is small but that is ok . Without any “on sight management”, and because this was once a motel, sleeping was difficult with people coming in late being loud, pounding on doors and someone had a dog crying all night their room . Likely being left in a kennel. But it was 3-4am, so it’s not as if someone was on site to help locate owner. The price was steep but it was the celebrity golf tournament so I get that . I would stay here again if I got the room at a much cheaper rate. Management was very responsive when I sent inquiries.
Antoinette E - Posted: 7/17/2023
Rating 5
Great experience Everyone was super nice at checkin. The room was clean and modern.
Salina R - Posted: 7/16/2023
Rating 5
This is a great location you can walk to everything!
Donnette C - Posted: 7/16/2023
Rating 5
The place was great easy to find and very clean. Our family had a great time because everything was either walking distance or not too far from a drive. The area is somewhat busy being that the casinos are close by and at night the hotel can be a little noisy but that didn’t bother us. We also got to enjoy the pool on our last day. It was nice to find a place that can accommodate a family with a dog. We would definitely stay here again!
Ginger M - Posted: 7/16/2023
Rating 4
The place was OK for the deal we got. Here are the pros: - It was clean for the most part. - Check-in was a breeze. - Host was very responsive and helpful. - Great location, very walkable. Suggestions for improvement: - The mini-fridge was very noisy. Perhaps it's time to upgrade. - The floors seemed dusty and I found a couple of hairs in the shower stall. - Parking was a bit limited. On one of the nights I took the last parking space in the parking lot. - My daughters would have liked to dip in the pool on one of the evenings, but it was super small (pics make it look bigger) and the water seemed dirty. - A bit pricey considering it didn't have a kitchen or kitchen utensils like other AirBnB's.
Ramiro M - Posted: 7/13/2023
Rating 5
Exactly how it is described. Newest remodeled. The best location, close to casino and beach. Perfect to get to, rest and shower and keep your vacation going. We stayed with three kids (16, 5 & 1 y/o) the space was just enough and no issues. Everything is brand new.
Erika F - Posted: 7/12/2023
Rating 5
Great location! Walking distances to almost anything. Parking is free, and blasting AC.
Bill T - Posted: 7/9/2023
Rating 1
Just don’t. This was the worst stay we have ever had. From cheap furniture to pictures on walls put up with tape that fell off the wall to no place to put trash to loud construction, find another option. The pool was dirty and not heated. We needed a ground floor unit and they would not accommodate or give a refund. They provided a small discount but it was not enough to make up for all the terrible things about this place. Do not stay at Adventure Stay property’s if you want a hotel experience.
Sara S - Posted: 7/6/2023
Rating 4
Convinient locatio . Easy check-in. They accept pets which was awesome! I'd request to be on the lower level if we do book again.
Liony H - Posted: 7/4/2023
Rating 4
This is a great place to stay . Very good location and accessible to beach and restaurants . Hotel is very neat and clean . Would have loved a gas cook top provided we typically get this in airbnb’s.
Srinivasa R - Posted: 7/4/2023
Rating 5
The staff was really friendly when we checked into our room. The room was spotless clean and clutter free. The staff also recommended local restaurants and made you feel welcomed.
Arturo L - Posted: 7/3/2023
Rating 5
Such a cute vibe, loved the fireplace at the pool Positive: This place was amazing; so clean and such a cute modern design. Loved it here and would definitely book again. Negative: Fill the soda machine possibly ?
Breille L - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Everything was newly remodeled much nicer than the pictures and more modern
Jeffrey D - Posted:
Rating 4
Great location and value for money but support could be better! Positive: Great location and decent facilities for the price Negative: Lots of college or highschool kids staying around our rooms were making lots of noise till late in the night and there was no staff for any help past 5 PM.
Rating 5
Positive: Helpful personnel, new design, clean
Talaga-Splawska D - Posted:
Rating 5
Cute and comfortable Positive: It was contactless. Checkin and check out were both contactless. The front desk was very nice and helpful. The place was clean, cute, comfortable and close to everything. Negative: N/A
Alicia D - Posted:
Rating 3
Great location for a family stay Positive: Location was great, 5 min walk to to Heavenly village and Harrah's. The rooms had somewhat updated and modern decor. Plenty of towels Negative: Had a terrible check-in experience. I received the room number and code via text message. When I entered the assigned room, there were already people occupied in the room. Customer service agent on the phone (the check-in office was unattended and look like it was under construction or just unkempt) said I would need to move to another room for the night but the next night I would have to move again to third room because the second room had been booked the following day. I pushed back and said it didn't make sense to send me to a wrong room and make me move. They apologized for the system "error" but kept insisting that I would need to move rooms. At this point, I also felt unsafe because the error could also happen again and some unsuspecting guest would have the code to MY room and then enter my new room. I asked the agent to find a solution or allow me to cancel. She spoke to the manager, they agreed to not make me move and assured me no one would have my code. The room ended up being pleasant for the price but I made sure to hide my valuables just in case. No maid service for our 2 night stay and there was maintenance one evening where the door numbers were being nailed to all the doors - so we heard loud hammering above us for an hour or so until he moved to to a different part of the motel.
Thu P - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Very easy check in, room was clean, large closet Negative: We saw no staff on site
Heather W - Posted:
Rating 4
It was good Negative: Not enough parking….
jose c - Posted:
Rating 3
Negative: Smells like smoke
Harold N - Posted:
Rating 5
Super great location and beds! Very clean. Positive: Super easy check in and the interiors are nice! Shower could use an upgrade but overall better than expected. Negative: Parking may be limited. We found a spot but wasn’t easy.
Madelline C - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: The location was great. Everything was near by and in walkable distance. The jet ski and boat rental and the private beach was just 5 min walk away. Room was clean and comfortable
Rohit K - Posted:
Rating 3
Great location with Ok hotel Positive: Great location, near shopping and hotels. Negative: Microwave Broken, restroom door didn’t latch properly so you couldn’t truly lock it. Refrigerator and ac loud at night. Items in the fridge from previous guests were left in.
Moyses M - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Súper clean, comfortable, and really close to everything
Gerardo M - Posted:
Rating 5
Great value Positive: The hotel is located right off the main strip great location
Jesse H - Posted:
Rating 5
Thank you for having us! We enjoyed the room and it was very comfortable for us! Great walking distance to the casinos a Positive: Very roomy and great area! Negative: Nothing!
Deathriage K - Posted:
Rating 5
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ELLA M - Posted:
Rating 4
Comfortable and would stay there again Positive: Clean with a good location and comfortable bed Negative: Disappointed there is no office or lobby.
Thomas G - Posted:
Rating 3
Disappointed with misleading marketing of this “hotel”, would not stay in a property like this again, too expensive for Positive: Location. Room felt clean. Negative: Marketed as a hotel but operates more like an air bnb. For the price of the stay I expected daily housekeeping and management and/or front desk staff onsite.
Mayra G - Posted:
Rating 4
??????? Negative: ??
Xueming J - Posted:
Rating 3
Not very happy Positive: It was quiet Negative: The bathroom stink and around the little table smell bad plus Administration make a mistake someone was trying to get in our room because they gave the wrong room an we wore Slept we was so scared because they had or password no comunication they are never in there office I hope they can work on that
Meyvi E - Posted:
Rating 5
Amazing Positive: Check in was easy. The room was great and the lodge was in a great location.
Kevin A - Posted:
Rating 5
Quaint affordable stay for family! Positive: It was clean (our number one requirement). It was super cute inside. There were water bottles in the fridge for us, clean towels placed neatly on the beds and nicely presented in the bathroom as well. Ear plugs were left in case of noise but it was perfectly quiet. Negative: No elevator, but that wasn’t that big of a deal.
Christina T - Posted:
Rating 5
Booked an extra room so our kids could join us. They had a great time w/everything so close by! Positive: Location was perfect! Close walk to Restaurants, Shops, Casinos and Lake access all within a short walking distance from Hotel. Rooms were very clean and Hotel staff corresponded via text, which was amazing. Negative: Everything was perfect!
shauna m - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Great location and rooms were updated recently and spacious.
Jon C - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Is close to everything
Arturo B - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: The room was clean, had good water pressure and was comfortable. If you are going to see a concert at Harrah's Outdoor, this is a perfect place to stay. It is very close to the venue and has free parking. The check in and check out process is automated and very easy.
Matthew V - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: The room was great Negative: The lobby and staff were not open or available except via text or email
long A - Posted:
Rating 4
Positive: The room was nice and clean. The property was close to Stateline and within walking distance to everything. Negative: The mattress was too soft and the pillows were too hard. It was a bit disturbing that there was not staff onsite to contact when something went wrong. The door to our room squeezed really loud and one of the lamps did not work.
Barbara G - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Perfect location to Casinos, venues and shopping
shauna m - Posted:
Rating 5
Great location and will stay here again. Check-in and check-out were a breeze! Positive: The location was great. Parking was easy. Love the no-contact check-in. The beds were comfortable and the room was clean. Also great that they are dog friendly. Negative: You can hear the people above walking. They were up front about this and will handle noise issues for you if needed. If I had to be picky, it would be nice to know when a live person will be in the lobby area.
Jeffrey A - Posted:
Rating 5
Recommend! Will stay again Positive: The location was great. The rooms look to be recently remodeled. The beds were comfy. It is contactless so no one is working in the office. It is in walking distance to the casinos and restaurants. The parking was plenty for the 3 nights we stayed. There was a coin operated laundry room. They were quick to communicate via text for any questions I had. Negative: It walls are thin so you can hear conversations outside and in the room above. I have white noise going so it drown out most of it.
Shona N - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Clean and comfortable with all the essentials. Quiet to get restful sleep.
Yaritza D - Posted:
Rating 3
Negative: A lot of dust in the room. Broken drain lid in the bathtub.
Iurii S - Posted:
Rating 3
Negative: One of the rooms we reserved had only one bed and we needed two beds
Julia R - Posted:
Rating 4
Angenehm und empfehlenswert Positive: Schön eingerichtetes Zimmer. Kein Teppichboden, dadurch sehr hygienisch und sauber. Zugangsdaten wurden übermittelt und es hat problemlos geklappt. Negative: Kein Personal vor Ort. Sehr hellhörig. WLAN Einwahl war nur nach Angabe von persönlichen Daten möglich.
Tina G - Posted:
Rating 4
It was easy check out and check in. Room and toilet was clean. Overall good experience. Positive: It has been renovated. Also, it was clean. Negative: Don’t really have dislikes but there was no disposable toothpaste and shower room was small.
Sushant T - Posted:
Rating 4
Gracias Negative: La televisión está mal ubicada, necesita estar más arriba, y no tiene sustenta de cable
Rafael A - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Everything was walking distance Negative: We like everything
Mirella M - Posted:
Rating 5
Great price. Great location. Nice room. What more could you want? Positive: Great price. Great location. Rooms were renovated and updated and were very nice. Beds were comfortable and sheets were super soft. We will definitely look to stay here in the future. Negative: There were some issues before hand, where I was not sure if we were receiving a renovated room or not, as the property had just been updated. So there was a little confusion in verifying that information, but it eventually got resolved, and we did indeed get an updated room. ?
JOHN H - Posted:
Rating 4
Good value Positive: The size of the room is really good and it is really comfortable and nice.. it had everything we needed (mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, closet, hot water..) and the lodge’s location is just perfect!! We got all the information by text and that made our self checking in really easy!! Negative: The floor was very dirty/dusty (it looked like it hadn’t been swiped or mopped in a while).. we couldn’t place anything on the floor and walking barefoot from the bathroom to the bed made me go back to the bathroom to wash my feet again..
Ana R - Posted:
Rating 4
Positive: roomy updated accommodations with "kitchen" amenities, convenient location Negative: (Do not post) closed office check-in confusion - need more signage to check email/text, posted late check-in/earlier check-out times now used by many; disabled pool, exterior needs repairs uneven walkareas, window security, stairwells, a.o.; combo lock needs occupant customization option for security; unadvertised added fees upon reservation
Joseph O - Posted:
Rating 4
Great until the bear showed up Positive: We loved the room and the beds were so comfortable. Housekeeping was great about trading out our towels. Negative: The bear in the garbage last night and the zero response from the help desk. No one on the property and there were 2 women who were blocked from there room for an hour. The suggestion from the help desk was to approach the bear making loud noises! What in the world was that advice about?
Aaron W - Posted:
Rating 3
Good looking but not actually clean. Positive: Good location. Good looking but not thoroughly clean. No staff on site. Stayed for 2 nights, didn’t rly wanna spend my 3 days in Tahoe complaining about the place. You get what you pay for. Although I’ve stayed in lodges/inn that were as cheap but has great amenities and very clean, and felt safe. Vibe of the lodge could be way better if they wanted to. Negative: Found few short curly hairs on both bed. Wrinkly bed sheets and blankets. Found very small flies on the bed. I was very itchy every time we slept. Refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker were dusty. No staff found on site. No great amenities.
Candice T - Posted:
Rating 4
Positive: No wifi network and advertised. But when I reported it to the manager, he gave us access to their administrative Wi-Fi network.
Tom R - Posted:
Rating 4
Kurzer Stopp am Lake Tahoe Positive: Check-in lief problemlos über Booking. Zimmer waren geräumig und sehr gut ausgestattet. Schöne neue Einrichtung. Negative: FußBoden unter den Betten war bisschen dreckig. Kontaktaufnahme war daraufhin sehr nett.
Fabian J - Posted:
Rating 5
Amazing rooms and spot Positive: Everything Negative: There was no pool
Henry M - Posted:
Rating 4
Positive: Great location, clean, easy self check in and out Negative: WiFi was intermittent at our room
Isis T - Posted:
Rating 4
Would stay here again. Positive: I like the code to the door to enter the room. That was neat and convenient for if I had keys and lost them, I’d still have a way into the room. Negative: The shower was to little. I couldn’t wash my body like I wanted to. Nice upgrade but bathroom shower sucked.
Janel J - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Close to the casino, good communication with staff Negative: There's some noises during late at night, probably coming from the frig
Darin H - Posted:
Rating 4
Positive: Very clean , streaming services, quick response by host Negative: Walls are thin
Laura F - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Location and cleaning Negative: Some noice from refrigerator and upstairs
JORGE M - Posted:
Rating 5
Convenient, Clean, and Central Positive: Exactly what I needed. Affordable, comfortable, clean, and cute. Negative: The only downside was you can hear people walking above you, but it didn't bother us.
Jordan A - Posted:
Rating 5
Thank you!
Corina A - Posted:
Rating 5
Excelente experiencia! Positive: Magnífica ubicación. Excelente instalaciones modernas y estupendamente cómodas sin alguno contacto. El paqueo del auto ala habitación queda a pasos demasiado cómodo para bajar equipaje. Súper agradable y demasiado limpio. Recomendadisimo !
Acosta M - Posted:
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