Rating 4.6 (283)

Standard Queen

$35.00 - $800.00 / night + taxes & fees

Bedroom 1 bedrooms
Bathroom 1 baths
Guests 2 guests
Dogs Allowed Dogs Allowed

  • Address: Cedar Avenue
  • Location: South Lake Tahoe

Description Description
Note: All units may vary a bit by the layout and specific furniture.  All units may vary a bit by the layout and specific furniture.
Welcome to Blue Jay Lodge, your cozy retreat in the heart of South Lake Tahoe! We've made recent updates to enhance your comfort during your stay.

Our prime location allows easy exploration of popular attractions. Just a short walk away, you'll find Heavenly Village and the Gondola to Heavenly Resort. Lakeside Beach at Lake Tahoe, Harrah's and Hard Rock Casino, and a variety of restaurants, galleries, and bars are also within reach.

Our rooms provide a comfortable atmosphere and amenities for a pleasant stay. Enjoy a restful night's sleep, and find convenience with a mini fridge, microwave, and Keurig. Freshen up in the spacious full bathroom with a new tile shower. Relax with a flat-screen smart TV and high-speed WiFi.

Blue Jay Lodge offers an inviting outdoor space where you can unwind. Engage in lawn games, find a cozy seating area, or gather around the fire pit.

On-site parking is available, and many attractions are within walking distance. Lime or Uber scooters are also accessible.

Please note that other guests may be present in separate units. While we strive for a peaceful environment, some noise from adjacent units may be heard. Our property managers are available to address any concerns.

Well-behaved pets are welcome for an additional fee (please check availability in advance). We kindly request that pets refrain from climbing onto furniture or beds.

We've made recent updates to our property, although it wasn't a complete renovation. We appreciate your understanding.

Early check-ins and late check-outs are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

This is a Multi- Listing.

Your safety is important to us, and we have exterior cameras for security. Please rest assured that your privacy within the rooms is fully respected.

At Blue Jay Lodge, we are committed to your comfort and satisfaction. Please reach out if there's anything we can do to enhance your stay. We look forward to hosting you for a memorable South Lake Tahoe experience!

Location Location

Availability Calendar Availability Calendar
February 2024
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March 2024
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
          1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 $1078 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 $959 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 $910 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 $875 30
April 2024
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
  1 2 3 4 5 $833 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 $679 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 $784 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 $784 27
28 29 30        
May 2024
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
      1 2 3 $847 4
5 6 7 8 9 10 $791 11
12 13 14 15 16 17 $3479 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 $5502 25
26 27 28 29 30 31  
June 2024
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
            $4333 1
2 3 4 5 6 7 $4970 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 $5537 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 $5600 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 $5600 29
July 2024
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
  1 2 3 4 5 $5600 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 $5600 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 $5600 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 31      
August 2024
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11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31
September 2024
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8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30          
October 2024
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6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 31    
November 2024
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3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30
December 2024
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8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 31        
January 2025
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5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 31  
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Rates Rates
Start Date End Date Weekly Nightly
02/27/2024 02/27/2024       - $44.00
02/28/2024 02/28/2024       - $48.00
02/29/2024 02/29/2024       - $54.00
03/01/2024 03/01/2024       - $118.00
03/02/2024 03/02/2024       - $150.00
03/03/2024 03/03/2024       - $99.00
03/04/2024 03/04/2024       - $69.00
03/05/2024 03/05/2024       - $68.00
03/06/2024 03/06/2024       - $68.00
03/07/2024 03/07/2024       - $68.00
03/08/2024 03/08/2024       - $153.00
03/09/2024 03/09/2024       - $154.00
03/10/2024 03/10/2024       - $109.00
03/11/2024 03/11/2024       - $71.00
03/12/2024 03/12/2024       - $70.00
03/13/2024 03/13/2024       - $69.00
03/14/2024 03/14/2024       - $69.00
03/15/2024 03/15/2024       - $131.00
03/16/2024 03/16/2024       - $137.00
03/17/2024 03/17/2024       - $95.00
03/18/2024 03/18/2024       - $65.00
03/19/2024 03/19/2024       - $63.00
03/20/2024 03/20/2024       - $61.00
03/21/2024 03/21/2024       - $63.00
03/22/2024 03/22/2024       - $125.00
03/23/2024 03/23/2024       - $130.00
03/24/2024 03/24/2024       - $95.00
03/25/2024 03/25/2024       - $64.00
03/26/2024 03/26/2024       - $71.00
03/27/2024 03/27/2024       - $72.00
03/28/2024 03/28/2024       - $69.00
03/29/2024 03/29/2024       - $132.00
03/30/2024 03/30/2024       - $125.00
03/31/2024 03/31/2024       - $90.00
04/01/2024 04/01/2024       - $77.00
04/02/2024 04/02/2024       - $68.00
04/03/2024 04/03/2024       - $63.00
04/04/2024 04/04/2024       - $61.00
04/05/2024 04/05/2024       - $112.00
04/06/2024 04/06/2024       - $119.00
04/07/2024 04/07/2024       - $81.00
04/08/2024 04/08/2024       - $55.00
04/09/2024 04/09/2024       - $51.00
04/10/2024 04/10/2024       - $50.00
04/11/2024 04/11/2024       - $50.00
04/12/2024 04/12/2024       - $97.00
04/13/2024 04/13/2024       - $97.00
04/14/2024 04/14/2024       - $70.00
04/15/2024 04/15/2024       - $47.00
04/16/2024 04/16/2024       - $45.00
04/17/2024 04/17/2024       - $107.00
04/18/2024 04/18/2024       - $107.00
04/19/2024 04/19/2024       - $112.00
04/20/2024 04/20/2024       - $112.00
04/21/2024 04/21/2024       - $107.00
04/22/2024 04/22/2024       - $107.00
04/23/2024 04/23/2024       - $107.00
04/24/2024 04/24/2024       - $107.00
04/25/2024 04/25/2024       - $107.00
04/26/2024 04/26/2024       - $112.00
04/27/2024 04/27/2024       - $112.00
04/28/2024 04/28/2024       - $107.00
04/29/2024 04/29/2024       - $107.00
04/30/2024 04/30/2024       - $107.00
05/01/2024 05/01/2024       - $107.00
05/02/2024 05/02/2024       - $107.00
05/03/2024 05/03/2024       - $120.00
05/04/2024 05/04/2024       - $121.00
05/05/2024 05/05/2024       - $107.00
05/06/2024 05/06/2024       - $107.00
05/07/2024 05/07/2024       - $107.00
05/08/2024 05/08/2024       - $107.00
05/09/2024 05/09/2024       - $107.00
05/10/2024 05/10/2024       - $112.00
05/11/2024 05/11/2024       - $113.00
05/12/2024 05/12/2024       - $107.00
05/13/2024 05/13/2024       - $107.00
05/14/2024 05/14/2024       - $107.00
05/15/2024 05/15/2024       - $107.00
05/16/2024 05/16/2024       - $107.00
05/17/2024 05/17/2024       - $531.00
05/18/2024 05/18/2024       - $497.00
05/19/2024 05/19/2024       - $303.00
05/20/2024 05/20/2024       - $232.00
05/21/2024 05/21/2024       - $218.00
05/22/2024 05/22/2024       - $227.00
05/23/2024 05/23/2024       - $239.00
05/24/2024 05/24/2024       - $785.00
05/25/2024 05/25/2024       - $786.00
05/26/2024 05/26/2024       - $629.00
05/27/2024 05/27/2024       - $233.00
05/28/2024 05/28/2024       - $230.00
05/29/2024 05/29/2024       - $232.00
05/30/2024 05/30/2024       - $235.00
05/31/2024 05/31/2024       - $481.00
06/01/2024 06/01/2024       - $619.00
06/02/2024 06/02/2024       - $368.00
06/03/2024 06/03/2024       - $254.00
06/04/2024 06/04/2024       - $251.00
06/05/2024 06/05/2024       - $254.00
06/06/2024 06/06/2024       - $261.00
06/07/2024 06/07/2024       - $778.00
06/08/2024 06/08/2024       - $710.00
06/09/2024 06/09/2024       - $586.00
06/10/2024 06/10/2024       - $407.00
06/11/2024 06/11/2024       - $376.00
06/12/2024 06/12/2024       - $372.00
06/13/2024 06/13/2024       - $423.00
06/14/2024 06/14/2024       - $800.00
06/15/2024 06/15/2024       - $791.00
06/16/2024 06/16/2024       - $455.00
06/17/2024 06/17/2024       - $318.00
06/18/2024 06/18/2024       - $555.00
06/19/2024 06/19/2024       - $556.00
06/20/2024 06/20/2024       - $556.00
06/21/2024 06/21/2024       - $800.00
06/22/2024 06/22/2024       - $800.00
06/23/2024 06/23/2024       - $521.00
06/24/2024 06/24/2024       - $360.00
06/25/2024 06/25/2024       - $367.00
06/26/2024 06/26/2024       - $364.00
06/27/2024 06/27/2024       - $376.00
06/28/2024 06/28/2024       - $763.00
06/29/2024 06/29/2024       - $800.00
06/30/2024 06/30/2024       - $582.00
07/01/2024 07/01/2024       - $402.00
07/02/2024 07/02/2024       - $399.00
07/03/2024 07/03/2024       - $599.00
07/04/2024 07/04/2024       - $600.00
07/05/2024 07/05/2024       - $800.00
07/06/2024 07/06/2024       - $800.00
07/07/2024 07/07/2024       - $606.00
07/08/2024 07/08/2024       - $413.00
07/09/2024 07/09/2024       - $407.00
07/10/2024 07/10/2024       - $522.00
07/11/2024 07/11/2024       - $591.00
07/12/2024 07/12/2024       - $800.00
07/13/2024 07/13/2024       - $800.00
07/14/2024 07/14/2024       - $717.00
07/15/2024 07/15/2024       - $456.00
07/16/2024 07/16/2024       - $436.00
07/17/2024 07/17/2024       - $455.00
07/18/2024 07/18/2024       - $414.00
07/19/2024 07/19/2024       - $800.00
07/20/2024 07/20/2024       - $800.00
07/21/2024 07/21/2024       - $630.00
07/22/2024 07/22/2024       - $419.00
07/23/2024 07/23/2024       - $409.00
07/24/2024 07/24/2024       - $410.00
07/25/2024 07/25/2024       - $450.00
07/26/2024 07/26/2024       - $800.00
07/27/2024 07/27/2024       - $800.00
07/28/2024 07/28/2024       - $616.00
07/29/2024 07/29/2024       - $419.00
07/30/2024 07/30/2024       - $408.00
07/31/2024 07/31/2024       - $407.00
08/01/2024 08/01/2024       - $107.00
08/02/2024 08/02/2024       - $203.00
08/03/2024 08/03/2024       - $208.00
08/04/2024 08/04/2024       - $149.00
08/05/2024 08/05/2024       - $107.00
08/06/2024 08/06/2024       - $107.00
08/07/2024 08/07/2024       - $107.00
08/08/2024 08/08/2024       - $107.00
08/09/2024 08/09/2024       - $194.00
08/10/2024 08/10/2024       - $232.00
08/11/2024 08/11/2024       - $150.00
08/12/2024 08/12/2024       - $107.00
08/13/2024 08/13/2024       - $107.00
08/14/2024 08/14/2024       - $107.00
08/15/2024 08/15/2024       - $107.00
08/16/2024 08/16/2024       - $184.00
08/17/2024 08/17/2024       - $189.00
08/18/2024 08/18/2024       - $137.00
08/19/2024 08/19/2024       - $107.00
08/20/2024 08/20/2024       - $107.00
08/21/2024 08/21/2024       - $107.00
08/22/2024 08/22/2024       - $107.00
08/23/2024 08/23/2024       - $196.00
08/24/2024 08/24/2024       - $215.00
08/25/2024 08/25/2024       - $129.00
08/26/2024 08/26/2024       - $107.00
08/27/2024 08/27/2024       - $107.00

Amenities 38 Amenities
  • Body soap
  • Conditioner
  • Shower gel
  • Tub
  • Air conditioning
  • Clothing storage
  • Essentials
  • Extra pillows and blankets
  • Garden or backyard
  • Hair Dryer
  • Hangers
  • Heating
  • Hot water
  • Iron
  • Laptop Friendly workspace
  • Laundromat
  • Linens
  • Outdoor grill
  • Private entrance
  • Room darkening shades
  • Shampoo
  • TV
  • Wireless
Kitchen & Dining
  • Coffee
  • Microwave
  • Mini fridge
  • Beach
  • Lake
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Free parking
  • Dogs allowed
  • Long term stays allowed
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Smoke detector

Reviews Rating 4.6 (283) Reviews
Rating 5
Great location, great communication, was everything we needed.
Eli K - Posted: 2/26/2024
Rating 5
Very clean and just as pictured! Exactly what we needed. Parking was a bit full on the weekend but nothing that wasn’t easily managed.
Amanda G - Posted: 2/26/2024
Rating 5
Great stay for my sister n I thank uou
Abigail V - Posted: 2/23/2024
Rating 5
This place was so incredibly quiet. The location was perfect. After staying in the noisiest Airbnb the night prior, this clean quiet room was such a relief. I’m beyond impressed with how mellow & respectful all the tenants where. Our host responded with in minutes of any message. I highly recommend this place to anyone visiting the Tahoe area. Thumbs up all around.
Carly L - Posted: 2/21/2024
Rating 5
Great location, easy check in and clean room!
Hana N - Posted: 2/21/2024
Rating 4
The room was easy to find . As soon as we walked in it smelled very good and looked like the pictures . The only downfall in my opinion is the thin walls but thankfully our neighbors on both sides weren’t noisy people . Other than that I would probably stay here again .
Alisabel S - Posted: 2/20/2024
Rating 5
Very convenient location and clean place to stay!!
Hailey H - Posted: 2/20/2024
Rating 5
This place has a perfect location and what the room has. The room is close to many places so it is easy to explore the area or do snow activities. We would love to come back. No many places accept dogs so we appreciate to have some instruction of how to take care the place and still enjoy the time with our 2 dogs. Have a service room with a dog bed in case you want to use them. ????? Thank you!
Astrid M - Posted: 2/20/2024
Rating 5
Perfect location, everything was walkable. Clean. Host responds fast!
Shandi H - Posted: 2/19/2024
Rating 5
Great location. Very clean. Responsive and proactive hosts made it easy to check In check out and enjoy!
Salem L - Posted: 2/18/2024
Rating 5
Todo bien 10/10
Raul C - Posted: 2/16/2024
Rating 5
Air bnb should stop trying to force guests to write things. Then they would get less statements like this one.
Chris M - Posted: 2/14/2024
Rating 5
Clean space, proximity to Heavenly Village and the casinos, responsive host.
Ashwin K - Posted: 2/12/2024
Rating 5
Stayed one night over Super Bowl weekend. The location was close to the casinos and walkable to Heavenly village. The room was very clean and nicely decorated, def would recommend!
Brian O - Posted: 2/12/2024
Rating 5
Nice spot, great location, dog friendly, what more can you ask for! Will definitely stay here again.
Alex G - Posted: 2/11/2024
Rating 5
Small, comfortable, clean place tucked away in a perfect location in South Lake Tahoe. Midweek price was very reasonable. Their offer to extend an additional night was very generous. Host’s timely & responsive communication is notably & much appreciated. Highly recommended.
George M - Posted: 2/11/2024
Rating 4
Pros: Affordable, close to everything/walkable, overall quiet (could sometimes hear the conversations from the wall, but nothing a sleep machine couldn’t cover), nice renovation, & nice bed/pillows. Only negative was the listing/pictures were not reflective of the space we were given. It was quite cozy, so we had to leave some of our things in our vehicle due to smaller space.
Kimberley T - Posted: 2/10/2024
Rating 5
The dreamy queen was very quiet. It is conveniently located to get to the Heavenly ski slopes gondola! Wish I could bring a slice of this California dream home with me!
Jim P - Posted: 2/9/2024
Rating 5
grear place, its like the pictures and you can walk to many places.
Maria B - Posted: 2/5/2024
Rating 5
Beautifully renovated and a great deal for the price. Would definitely book here again should I return to Bend!
Jacob M - Posted: 2/5/2024
Rating 4
I really like this
Brenda S - Posted: 2/4/2024
Rating 5
We loved staying here, very peaceful place. The room was big, with plenty of space for our two puppies and us. Also, it's on a walkable distance from the lake and Heavenly Villa ??
Natalia L - Posted: 2/4/2024
Rating 5
Great value! We could tell the place was newly renovated and thought was put into the design/decor, great vibes! Location is perfect for heavenly village/stateline. Easy parking and check in. Would definitely recommend!
Anna H - Posted: 2/2/2024
Rating 5
Great location. Minutes walk from Heavenly gondola and downtown area. Furnishing is simple and nice. Floor is not very clean. Ceiling lights weren't working but host gave a standing lamp that works. Overall, a good stay.
Delph M - Posted: 1/30/2024
Rating 4
it was a good stay for a weekend get away. liked the location as it was only a couple mins walk to the places we wanted to go to. only downside the bed was pretty uncomfortable had a hard time sleeping both nights.
Cody S - Posted: 1/29/2024
Rating 5
Amazing location, the room was cozy and cute. Would definitely recommend staying here.
Sukhmeet K - Posted: 1/29/2024
Rating 5
Great location, well-coordinated logistics, and clean room
Michael L - Posted: 1/29/2024
Rating 5
We really enjoyed our stay here, cozy and close to walking distance to coffee shop and bars, heater and ac work great. The tv went out and the maintenance crew came very quickly to fix it, the host was very responsive and catered to all our needs. Honestly no complaints staying here. Walls are very thin though can hear people but during quiet hours no complaints. Price was great and stay was great! Would come back !
Angela W - Posted: 1/25/2024
Rating 5
Cute, clean, and functional! Walkable distance from down town. We really enjoyed our stay here and would highly recommended it to anyone.
Serena M - Posted: 1/24/2024
Rating 4
Great location. Clean place, but the toilet faces a wall, so it wasn’t the best as a 5’8 woman. The bed isn’t the most comfy either, I think bringing your own pillows would make it more comfy. Also, I am personally sensitive to light pollution at night time - the room doesn’t completely blackout w the curtains provided (I’d bring an eye mask if that’s an issue). On one of the windows theirs a strobing light right outside that was bothering me all night, but the eye mask would help with that. Shower is clean so that was nice, pressure was low.
Banessa R - Posted: 1/22/2024
Rating 5
This was the perfect location for a quick ski trip. We could walk to the gondola and the village area. The room had everything we needed.
Emily G - Posted: 1/17/2024
Rating 5
Great location within walking distance to bars, restaurants, and the lake. Hosts were very responsive. Would stay here again in the future.
Kathryn L - Posted: 1/16/2024
Rating 5
We enjoyed staying here while skiing at Heavenly. The location is very convenient (only a short walk to the gondola that takes you to the mountain) and the room was clean.
Anastasia I - Posted: 1/16/2024
Rating 5
Great value and convenient location
Lucas G - Posted: 1/12/2024
Rating 5
Our 4 day trip went smoothly with Adventure Stay! Super quick to respond (even in the middle of the night when we had wifi issues, fixed quick). Amenities provided were very useful. Place was clean! Bed was comfortable and sheets were very soft! I would stay here again!
Rosheil D - Posted: 1/8/2024
Rating 5
Great place to stay, minutes away from great restaurants. The room was really clean and everything was as described.. I would definitely stay again in the future.
Liz L - Posted: 1/7/2024
Rating 5
Great place to post up for a quick ski trip. Gondola was walkable and close to restaurants. The place was clean and well put together. The walls are thin and people next to me had TV on in middle of night. Bring earplugs if that sort of thing bothers sleep. Otherwise super responsive host, would come back for sure!
Marie Z - Posted: 1/5/2024
Rating 5
Amazing stay and accomodations
Vincent V - Posted: 1/5/2024
Rating 4
Excellent location and clean room with easy access to Heavenly village. The walls are thin, so can be loud at times and various noises throughout the night from the heater/appliances can be disrupting to sleep. Overall, great place to stay for access to South Lake Tahoe.
Noah L - Posted: 1/4/2024
Rating 1
Constant noise and no peace
Tristan L - Posted: 1/3/2024
Rating 5
It’s easy to walk and get around the Casinos and Hevenly from the lodge it’s self
Caeden G - Posted: 1/2/2024
Rating 3
very good, easy to check in
Sohail U - Posted: 1/2/2024
Rating 5
We had a lovely time with Adventure Stays! Hosts were extremely accommodating and responsive no matter what we needed, and the location was close enough for us to walk to the main street and to the casinos if we wanted. Overall it was a lovely time and we will surely be back!
Angelina S - Posted: 12/31/2023
Rating 5
Booked it last minute and was great! Easy check in and exit without hassle, and it’s dog friendly!
Vianney J - Posted: 12/30/2023
Rating 4
Nice clean place. Great location. The room was a little smaller than expected but great value for the price. It is walking distance to the heavenly village!
Sambhav S - Posted: 12/28/2023
Rating 3
Due to last minute maintenance issue, we had to change rooms. I was told that my room would have a queen size bed but once we arrived, it was a full size bed. I didn’t want to bother so it was alright but there was some misinformation. In the future, please be sure that if you say it’s a queen size bed then it should be a queen size bed in the room. Other than that, the room was fine. The shower made a squeaking sound while it was on.
Alex T - Posted: 12/27/2023
Rating 5
Muy bonito, y limpio y en una zona muy pasiva
Nancy E - Posted: 12/26/2023
Rating 5
Great stay. Very convenient location with parking lots, coffee shop and shopping centers within walking distance. Easy to check in and responsive host. Peaceful location, room was clean as well and all travel supplies were provided.
Solehjon S - Posted: 12/25/2023
Rating 4
Great place! It’s very basic, but everything was accurate and listed appropriately. Great location and was in walking distance to everything!
Whitney B - Posted: 12/23/2023
Rating 4
Nice stay for a short weekend in Tahoe. Comfortable bed, clean room. Would stay there again.
Jennifer S - Posted: 12/19/2023
Rating 5
Great location for the price ! We booked a day before the trip and were definitely happy we did . This place was worth it we had a great time .
Desiree S - Posted: 12/18/2023
Rating 4
It was a very nice place! Quiet and close to a lot of restaurants
Ashley F - Posted: 12/12/2023
Rating 5
Honestly if I could rate it more I would , not only where they supper responsive but also made us feel right at home . The amount of respect the team has to its guest is amazing . The unit was exactly how we saw on the post and to be honest the cleaniness of it was truly amazing . Great team , great location , great OVERALL EXPIRIENCE !!
Humberto G - Posted: 12/8/2023
Rating 4
Location was great. Close to casinos and shops. Nice view of Heavenly.
Kristin B - Posted: 11/26/2023
Rating 5
Great place, will definitely come back again. My wife dog and I were very comfortable for a 2 night stay in south lake. Great location and walkable to the downtown area, a little loud but didn’t bother us at all
Carl C - Posted: 11/25/2023
Rating 5
Literally 11/10. We couldn’t have asked for a better location. And for the price! The room was immaculate and comfortable- just as described. When we come back to Tahoe we will definitely be staying here again! ?
Samantha K - Posted: 11/21/2023
Rating 5
I would definitely stay here again. I loved how close it was to everything - walking distance to all the main attractions. It was super clean and updated. Small quaint room. The bed was comfortable and everything was super clean. My only complaints were that it said there’d be a Keurig, but there wasn’t. It was just a small regular coffee maker. Not a big deal but a little bummed. I also wished there’d been hooks in the bathroom to hang up your wet towels and also maybe a hook by the door for your jacket. Otherwise the host was very responsive - the price was great - location was perfect! Especially loved how it was pet friendly! Can’t wait to stay there again.
Cacie C - Posted: 11/18/2023
Rating 5
Great location in downtown South Lake Tahoe near Stateline, the Heavenly Village, Harveys, Ballys and the Golden Nugget. We had a great stay at the Blue Jay! Simply put, the mountain views, easy parking, and luxe accommodations at the Blue Jay helped a few birds looking for adventure take flight!
Frederick K - Posted: 11/18/2023
Rating 5
Clean and very accessible to everything you need to go to when you're in South Lake Tahoe! Very responsive host too :)
Rachelle M - Posted: 11/18/2023
Rating 3
Great stay for the price! Enjoyed the location. Definitely needed a more detailed clean. The noise was also a problem that we encountered from the start. I do however want to add that the room was pretty spacious and the parking was super open and accessible. We had a problem with the lock battery on our first night but the host was very responsive and had maintenance come out the following day.
Madyson K - Posted: 11/15/2023
Rating 4
comfy clean and quiet place to stay.
Rachel F - Posted: 11/14/2023
Rating 5
This Airbnb was small but cute! It was super close to the Heavenly Village and cute little restaurants! Plus they are pet friendly. Loved my stay!
Sonia V - Posted: 11/13/2023
Rating 4
Affordable, had all the amenities you'd need and was aesthetically decorated. I would definitely stay again!
Mackenzie B - Posted: 11/12/2023
Rating 5
Great location! Easy walking distance to the shopping center, lake, and casinos. The place was clean and had a homely feel.
Terry L - Posted: 11/12/2023
Rating 5
Good place to stay when visiting Tahoe, close to everything parking included, highly recommended.
Hermann K - Posted: 11/6/2023
Rating 4
Great place! Clean and easy to find. My only complaint is the walls are very thin and can hear everything your neighbors are saying, but that’s out of their hands.
Hannah G - Posted: 11/6/2023
Rating 5
Very responsive host and accommodating, cozy room that is walking distance to the strip.
Kayleen C - Posted: 11/6/2023
Rating 5
It was really comfy the place is just like in the pictures. It was very walkable to a lot of great food locations. If I ever go to Tahoe I will be staying here again.
Dianey P - Posted: 11/6/2023
Rating 5
Perfect stay for a mini weekend getaway no complaints walking distance from shops and restraints which was great!!!
Alejandro S - Posted: 11/6/2023
Rating 2
Great stay! As I arrived at the airport I received a couple of messages I had to respond to within 24 hours, while at the airport, delayed, intermittent Wi-Fi, trying to get back home. I recommend all guests take photos before and after of their room, to avoid such problems.
Erik S - Posted: 11/5/2023
Rating 5
Space was newly remodeled. Everything was clean and worked well, no complaints.
Yonathan E - Posted: 11/4/2023
Rating 5
Quiet, safe stay. Convenient to many different types of shops and restaurants. They were quick to respond during the stay.
Janel S - Posted: 11/3/2023
Rating 5
Perfect for a quick little getaway! It looks just like the pictures, and you have lots of restaurants nearby. The lake is about a little less than 10min walk, but you can drive to other locations that are unpaid. I would definitely stay here again!
Susana A - Posted: 11/3/2023
Rating 4
This place was sooo cozy! Great location too:) only complaint is that the walls are very thin (pray you dont have a neighbor with a loud dog like we did) and there is a connecting door to another room.
Sidney W - Posted: 11/2/2023
Rating 5
This was my husband's and my first trip to Lake Tahoe, and everything about this booking was perfect! First of all, the price was excellent! It was one of the most affordable bookings and worth every cent! Getting there was straightforward. Checking in was very easy as well. We were sent instructions as to how to check in since there was no receptionist at the time. The instructions were sent earlier so we could check in earlier than planned. The location is incredible! It takes less than 5 minutes to arrive at Heavenly Village and the casinos. The area is filled with restaurants, stores, and activities. The room is spotless, and everything worked well! It looks exactly like the rooms in the pictures. I will recommend this place to friends, family, and anyone reading this review.
Karina P - Posted: 10/31/2023
Rating 4
Easy check in and very affordable. Clean and comfortable!
Elizabeth Z - Posted: 10/29/2023
Rating 5
The room is cozy and we really enjoy our staying there.
Bingyi S - Posted: 10/29/2023
Rating 5
Had a great stay! The place is in the middle of it all, very walkable or you can scoop up a scooter to get around, has plenty of parking and the bed was super comfy. Definitely would stay here again in the future!
Janet T - Posted: 10/28/2023
Rating 5
Nice little lodge, clean and good location. Would stay there again.
Alexandre S - Posted: 10/27/2023
Rating 5
Perfect location for fun in S. Lake Tahoe!
Linda M - Posted: 10/26/2023
Rating 5
Clean and comfortable
Cal G - Posted: 10/26/2023
Rating 4
Overall good place and centrally located.
Keith D - Posted: 10/25/2023
Rating 5
Loved our stay! Would definitely recommend
Paola A - Posted: 10/25/2023
Rating 5
Walkable to food, casinos, the lake, and a big one for me; coffee. If you were staying here in the winter, you are in walking distance to rental shops for skis and snowboards. We stayed in October which was great but I can imagine it being busy in the tourist seasons. Customer service was fast and responsive. The place is what you pay for, if not better. Saw they were cleaning it when we pulled up and the whole place appeared clean and spotless. 10/10 recommend staying here. The workers here are great as well. Had a great trip and would recommend to friends.
Nicole B - Posted: 10/25/2023
Rating 5
Quiet place to stay and rest or go around shopping or hiking.
Sarah P - Posted: 10/24/2023
Rating 5
Great budget friendly place with great location
Anthony B - Posted: 10/23/2023
Rating 4
Otima estadia, me hospedaria novamente!
Lara A - Posted: 10/23/2023
Rating 5
This place was everything it was advertised to be. Very clean, neat and tidy with close parking right outside your door. And best of all… dog friendly. I liked the “no contact” check in. You never see anyone, just lunch in a code and you’re in. So easy and hassle free. Very short walking distance to the casinos and all the shops and restaurants that Heavenly Village has to offer. Only two doors down from one of the coolest fire pit/courtyard/live band/brewpubs in the area. Sorry BlueJay, but Basecamp Hotel has you beat on this one issue. Maybe the old pool area can be converted to a nice fire ring with comfy chairs.
Gregg C - Posted: 10/23/2023
Rating 5
Blue Jay Lodge was the perfect place to spend a week exploring the area. Clean room - nice to have the refrigerator/microwave/coffee maker available as well. Convenient location and I was able to work remotely. Would definitely stay there again!
Patricia R - Posted: 10/23/2023
Rating 5
Awesome stay , clean rooms , convenient location. The only issue I felt was that the walls are too thin, could hear our neighbours pretty clearly !
Komal B - Posted: 10/23/2023
Rating 5
This stay was exactly what you want out of a place in South Lake Tahoe; close to everything, including a gorgeous little beach. The host was extremely responsive and answered messages very quickly. I definitely recommend a stay here and if we are ever back in the area, I would stay again!
Kristen S - Posted: 10/22/2023
Rating 4
A great spot to stay in South lake tahoe for this price. A huge benefit is the close proximity (10 min walk) to lakeside beach (plus you get a free pass with Blue Jay, though at the time of year I went it was open anyway) - gorgeous beach with stunning views. Lovely coffeeshop in the hotel nextdoor (Basecamp) which is ideal spot to get breakfast in the mornings. Area feels safe and lots of restaurants within walking distance, plus a few good hikes nearby. The room has everything you need and is tastefully decorated + very clean. Only slight drawback is the very thin walls and window opening out to the carpark so you don't get a huge amount of privacy here when you have the blinds up - but that's totally understandable in a renovated motel. Worth also keeping in mind that they charge for early check in and nowhere to store luggage. But overall I highly recommend staying here if you want to visit lake tahoe without breaking the bank!
Charlotte B - Posted: 10/22/2023
Rating 5
It was a perfect vacation. Super clean and cozy room in a quiet area. Host responded messages very quickly. Strongly recommended.
Alp T - Posted: 10/22/2023
Rating 5
Great stay! Right in town where we could walk to great restaurants and shopping spots. Parking was awesome which is sometimes hard to find in Tahoe. Room was clean and comfortable.
Cristina H - Posted: 10/22/2023
Rating 5
It was a pleasant stay in their place. The room looked very modern and very clean when we got there. They were also really quick to responding all the questions we had in order to make sure it was a great stay. I will definitely come back here in the future.
Samuel S - Posted: 10/18/2023
Rating 5
This is the perfect place to stay at when in Tahoe because of how close of a drive everything is so you an walk there. The room was enough for our little trip by offering a fridge, microwave, coffee maker, TV, everything you really need to relax after a long day of hiking. Thanks again!
Adrian L - Posted: 10/18/2023
Rating 5
Great experience! Would definitely go back.
Miguel B - Posted: 10/18/2023
Rating 5
The Blue Jay Lodge by Adventure Stays was great! It's a motel type property, and the rooms were so clean and inviting at a great rate! Location was great, with about 5-7 minutes to Heavenly and the casinos. Will definitely come back if we're in the area again!
Nikita K - Posted: 10/17/2023
Rating 4
What a neat space! Felt warm, cosy and right at home. Very central location made it great for walking to nearby resteraunts and scenic lookouts.
Joshua B - Posted: 10/17/2023
Rating 5
Clean and easy access
Andrew L - Posted: 10/15/2023
Rating 5
Great place to stay for a weekend getaway.
Destiny V - Posted: 10/15/2023
Rating 5
We really enjoyed staying here. Clean and beautiful room. Easy to check-in. Very good communication. One of the best airbnbs I've ever stayed in. 100% would come back and would recommend! :)
Alica W - Posted: 10/15/2023
Rating 5
great place!
Ronald H - Posted: 10/14/2023
Rating 5
Really enjoyed my stay here during my last minute trip to South Lake Tahoe! Check-in was very easy and my room was clean and cozy when I arrived. The place is within walking distance of many restaurants/shops and there was even a brewery right next door. Would definitely stay here again if I make it back to the area.
Gabriel W - Posted: 10/13/2023
Rating 5
Great location and clean. I would recommend staying here. Good price for the area!
Matthew A - Posted: 10/13/2023
Rating 5
Très bien, la chambre était comme sur les photos et très propre! Je recommande! Très mignon!
Maurane G - Posted: 10/13/2023
Rating 5
Excellent stay! Had everything you could want.
Kevin L - Posted: 10/11/2023
Rating 5
We had a wonderful anniversary in Tahoe Thanks Adventure Stays
Russ O - Posted: 10/10/2023
Rating 5
Perfect little lodge room located right in heavenly village! We had everything we needed and we were walking distance from anything and everything. The room was clean and comfortable!
Kendra A - Posted: 10/9/2023
Rating 5
Awesome location. Incredible communication. Lovely and comfortable stay in a quaint space.
Stephanie R - Posted: 10/8/2023
Rating 5
I had a wonderful time exploring Lake Tahoe. Adventure Stays accomodation was perfectly situated to restaurants, activities and night life. The place is clean, comfortable and well designed. Self checkin/out is easy. The team had excellent communication. I would happily stay here again! ?
Claire P - Posted: 10/7/2023
Rating 5
Felt safe, staff was friendly. Everything I needed was there. Location was excellent!
Denise H - Posted: 10/6/2023
Rating 5
Great location, old hotel converted into Air BnB rooms. A little noisy between rooms, but expected for this age of facility and price point. Rooms have been upgraded nicely. Parking is tight and tiny spots and if you show up later you will be out on the street. Great value point for the stay!
Shane C - Posted: 10/6/2023
Rating 3
The place was clean and is located near Heavenly village and casinos, which was a great advantage. However, the floor was a bit dusty, the shower drain was clogged and the shower curtain rod fell off and not stable. The good thing is, the host was responsive and sent someone to fix the problems right away. It would be nice to have real and thick bathroom rugs. All in all, the place was okay.
Collyn C - Posted: 10/4/2023
Rating 5
This is a nice, clean Airbnb with the basic amenities. It’s well priced for being within walking distance of South Lake Tahoe. We would stay here again.
Brooke T - Posted: 10/2/2023
Rating 5
Fijn verblijf gehad.
Marinke B - Posted: 10/1/2023
Rating 5
Very clean, central location, walkable to all of the restaurants, beach and shops. Great shower that warms up quickly and has strong pressure.
Martha D - Posted: 10/1/2023
Rating 5
AWESOME PLACE TO STAY!! Affordable, comfy, clean, easy check-in, GREAT location… it has everything you need and it’s close to a lot of stores you may need when you’re exploring Lake Tahoe. Even tho I didn’t have the chance to meet someone from the staff, they were super nice through the app messages and quickly answered all my questions. Thank you for everything :)
Majo M - Posted: 10/1/2023
Rating 5
Very good and clean.
Seonghyun P - Posted: 9/30/2023
Rating 5
Great location and good service!!!
Song H - Posted: 9/29/2023
Rating 5
Very clean and chill getaway ! Local to all the casinos !! Literal 5 min walk to the lake! Get bang for your buck here !
Bianca L - Posted: 9/29/2023
Rating 5
We arrived right at check in time. The room was ready and clean. The housekeeping staff was still on site. They were friendly and helpful.
Lizabeth G - Posted: 9/28/2023
Rating 5
Place was great and clean. Super close to all the shops and even the beaches.
Giovani G - Posted: 9/27/2023
Rating 5
Great location for short stay, price/quality ratio. Good services, including all you need for a room for 2 people.
Mahavir S - Posted: 9/27/2023
Rating 5
Great upgraid and clean room , 4 pillows a great touch
Ana M - Posted: 9/26/2023
Rating 5
Was a perfect location! Close to all the bars and restaurants, easy walking distance (or you can ride the scooters around). Beautiful view from the room, quick and easy communication from the host. Will definitely recommend to anyone visiting Tahoe!
Kenzie S - Posted: 9/26/2023
Rating 5
I was in the area mountain biking with some friends then decided to extend my stay for more adventuring the next day. This was a little more money than I originally set out to spend but it was getting late and I still hadn't secured a place to stay. I went back to this link I saw earlier on AirBnB, the photo looked promising, I needed to make a decision. Turns out I was standing right in front of the place ?. The response time was instant upon hitting go on the credit card and I was able to check in right then and there at 6 o'clock at night. I couldn't have asked for better last minute accommodations that felt clean and safe and affordable in the heart of Tahoe. It was simple but you could tell it looked like someone cared enough to put a bit of effort into the decor and presentation. It wasn't the epitome of luxury, but it also didn't feel run down which I was thankful for. Truly a good getaway spot if you need a base from which to launch your Tahoe adventure from!
Amanda U - Posted: 9/26/2023
Rating 5
Great place to stay, clean and spacious for the price !
Constance P - Posted: 9/25/2023
Rating 5
This was the perfect location for what my boyfriend and I were looking for. We were walking distance to many casinos and restaurants. There was lots of parking and checkin was easy. The room was small and quaint, cute and clean, perfect for what we needed. We loved it. My only complaint is the bed was not very comfortable but besides that we would definitely stay again.
Lindsey M - Posted: 9/25/2023
Rating 5
Really nice and right by where the casinos are
Abraham M - Posted: 9/25/2023
Rating 5
Great location, walkable distance to restaurants and casinos, nice views, easy to check in, a lot of parking available, place was clean.
Sarah G - Posted: 9/24/2023
Rating 5
Very clean and excellent communication
Nathan T - Posted: 9/23/2023
Rating 4
Good location. Shops and restaurants easily walkable. Few blocks from a beach. Easy access to room and free parking
Brannon F - Posted: 9/23/2023
Rating 5
It was located in a perfect location. Not too far from the lake. close to the casino and other amenities.
Vanesa L - Posted: 9/22/2023
Rating 5
Very worth it. Perfect for 1 or 2 people. Like a block from the casinos and heavenly village, lots of food options nearby as well.
Heidi B - Posted: 9/22/2023
Rating 5
Beautiful location close to every thing. Most of all affordable
Iyabo I - Posted: 9/21/2023
Rating 5
The room was clean and had a spacious bathroom. It was great that it was a smart TV where I could watch what I normally watch. The staff was very friendly and responsive to all requests. Additionally, they made sure to check on me consistently, which I really appreciated! The location was fantastic within walking distance of great restaurants and shops. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to visit Lake Tahoe for the first time! It was a great experience especially for the price! I will be staying there again if I happen to be in the area!
Seham A - Posted: 9/21/2023
Rating 4
the door to room 1 has a bit of a gap. it was towards the bottom right side of the door, I didn't see any bugs, but seeing that didn't feel good as it led directly outside and let in a lot of noise from right outside the door, people going to cars etc. Aside from that, it was a good stay!
Vinson V - Posted: 9/20/2023
Rating 3
Hanspeter B - Posted: 9/19/2023
Rating 4
Great location
Maricella S - Posted: 9/19/2023
Rating 5
Very well located. I would there again.
Lucy K - Posted: 9/18/2023
Rating 5
Great location in South Lake Tahoe and walkable to lots of great restaurants and shops! Felt safe and would definitely stay again!
Crystal A - Posted: 9/18/2023
Rating 5
One of the most clean and cozy airbnb’s I have ever stayed in. The location was amazing, everything was close by and we were just one street down the main road. The airbnb inside looks very cute and is really clean. The space was perfect for two and our carry-on suitcases. Overall everything was very comfortable, clean and a great experience. The description does mention that the walls are thin and we could hear the tv from the next room, but honestly it wasn’t terrible. I think people know the walls are thin and try to keep the noise down. I would stay here again!
Cristina A - Posted: 9/18/2023
Rating 5
The place was at the heart of South Lake Tahoe and the environment was lively! We had a great experience.
Vikranth J - Posted: 9/18/2023
Rating 5
We had a great stay at this cozy little lodge! The host was responsive and helpful. The place was clean and comfortable and the location is within walking distance of lots of stores and restaurants. Definitely recommend!
Nico M - Posted: 9/16/2023
Rating 5
This place was perfect for our stay. Close to everything we came to do. We would stay again and the price was right!
Valerie M - Posted: 9/15/2023
Rating 5
Very satisfied with our stay.
Sinthia H - Posted: 9/13/2023
Rating 5
This room was perfect for my husband and I, plus our little dog. It was clean, had everything we needed and was spacious. There were more than enough towels and everything was clean. It was walkable to the casinos as well. The only downside is that the walls are thin and you can hear people walking outside and on the stairs. But, we didn't mind it, as other reviews also said the same, and we were aware of the possible noise. Other than that, the room was updated and we really enjoyed our stay.
Marlie S - Posted: 9/13/2023
Rating 5
Simple location, very clean.
Armin B - Posted: 9/13/2023
Rating 5
Awesome spot right downtown for a great price, what more could you ask for?
David K - Posted: 9/12/2023
Rating 3
The place has been renovated in a minimalistic style, clean and comfortable. That said, the walls need to be insulated for noise, we could hear everything going on on both rooms beside us; now normally that wouldn't be a big issue as most people know how to mind themselves, however one of our neighbors keep us up until we'll past 1 am. So i guess our only issue was they dont enforce the rules they set up about quiet time, unless you reach out to them, i suppose that is because the host is not on site. The host was responsive when we reached out but was not forceful enough to make the other renter mind the rules, they didn't stopped their noise until I personally went to tell them that their noise was not welcomed, frankly not my place to do so. My suggestion to the host was to invest in insulation and fine those who don't follow the rules, as we paid money to get a comfortable place to rest and didn't rest as we expected to do
Elizabeth T - Posted: 9/12/2023
Rating 5
The room was just as described! It had a mini fridge, microwave, and coffee maker. A very good size TV which I loved for our down time. The toiletries were wonderful and seemed very high end! I also enjoyed the proximity to Stateline where many casinos and shops are - it’s maybe a 5 minute walk if that. I was very grateful for the vouchers they gave us for Lakeside Beach Park, which we enjoyed being on the beach of the lake as it saved us $40 because entrance is $25 per person and with the voucher we only paid $10 for me and my husband. One side note is that there is a Whole Foods about 7 minutes away via driving that is great for those of us that are sick of eating out and want some fresh fruit or snacks. Overall very nice stay with great amenities - close to shops, restaurants, and the lake with reasonable parking on premises. Would love to stay here again - just be aware that during peak seasons or weekends there is a lot of noise and traffic due to the location!
Monica B - Posted: 9/11/2023
Rating 5
This may be the future of travel. I reserved my room, got check-in instructions, checked in, and checked out with no personal contact (unless you count the texts and online instructions). I found it efficient and hassle-free and look forward to doing it again.
Stephen C - Posted: 9/9/2023
Rating 4
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Vildan B - Posted: 9/8/2023
Rating 5
The room was cute and it had everything I needed. It was in a great spot as well. Within walking distance to a bunch of restaurants and shops. It was also very close to the lake. I would definitely stay here again!
Tiffany L - Posted: 9/8/2023
Rating 5
Very responsive and clear on instructions regarding checking in and checking out.
David L - Posted: 9/7/2023
Rating 5
Great location and spot!
Elaine P - Posted: 9/6/2023
Rating 5
Well equipped, easy self check-in, good location.
Emmanuel M - Posted: 9/6/2023
Rating 5
They’ve done a nice job refurbishing one of the old motels in South Lake. Very close to casinos and restaurants. 100% will stay here again.
David B - Posted: 9/6/2023
Rating 5
We had a wonderful stay in South Lake Tahoe over Labor Day weekend. The space was the perfect location, there’s so much to do! The room was very clean and the perfect cozy space for my husband and I. Highly recommend, and will definitely be going back!!
Lexie W - Posted: 9/6/2023
Rating 5
Quick and easy checkin, clean room.
Antonio S - Posted: 9/5/2023
Rating 5
Great home base spot for Lake Tahoe. Whether you want to hit the casinos or the beach, both options are within walkable distances and plenty of coffee shops in between. Highly recommend for one of the best deals in Tahoe for those that want to get out and enjoy the scenery and not sit inside your whole trip.
Harrison M - Posted: 9/4/2023
Rating 5
great stay
Yangyang L - Posted: 9/4/2023
Rating 5
Very clean, And close to Casinos. Host responds very quickly.
Raquel F - Posted: 9/3/2023
Rating 4
Clean and nice!
Chelsea O - Posted: 9/3/2023
Rating 5
Kann das Lodge nur weiterempfehlen, wenn man auf der Suche für eine schlichte, saubere und gut gelegene Unterkunft ist. Die Unterkunft wurde anscheinend vor kurzem renoviert, da alles sehr frisch wirkt ?? dennoch sind die Zimmer extrem hellhörig. Im Ganzen aber einem schönes Lodge. Würde wieder kommen.
Edward W - Posted: 9/3/2023
Rating 5
Cute studio
Xiangyu Y - Posted: 9/3/2023
Rating 5
Super cute hotel! We went to see a concert at Harvey’s and it was walking distance to everything! The room was clean and the property staff are all very nice. We would definitely stay again!
Danielle G - Posted: 9/3/2023
Rating 5
Couldn’t have chosen a better place to stay at Lake Tahoe! Really cozy - felt right at home ??
Ronja M - Posted: 9/2/2023
Rating 5
I only stayed one night but it was nice and easy to check in and out. Central location with a lot of things to do nearby.
Jamie B - Posted: 9/2/2023
Rating 4
Clean and nice
Thu H - Posted: 8/30/2023
Rating 5
The check- in process was quite easy. Description matched they place. It can be hard to find a place on South Lake Tahoe, so this came in clutch as an affordable, last minute reservation. Great coffee shop less than 2 min from room
Melissa C - Posted: 8/29/2023
Rating 5
Had a very comfortable stay at the lodge for a quick last minute trip to Lake Tahoe. Location is ideal, essentially within walking distance to a lot of places to eat, shop, and explore! The room is part of a motel, which has been remodeled nicely. Its comfortable and clean. Maybe the bathroom could have been a little nicer, but that is just me. LOL! I would def stay here again :)
Salim B - Posted: 8/29/2023
Rating 4
The check in was a breeze. Very nice front desk person. Room was not exactly as pictured. Although it was very clean a looked recently renovated the room was much smaller than depicted in the pictures. Location was walking distance to Harveys. I would stay here again.
Susie Y - Posted: 8/27/2023
Rating 5
Easy check in and very close to Heavenly!
Stephanie M - Posted: 8/26/2023
Rating 5
Very walkable and at the heart of state line and heavenly. There’s a great Taco shop with outdoor seating next door and a brewery on the other side of the hotel. Our room included passes to the private beach which was also very close. I would stay again!
Aubree C - Posted: 8/22/2023
Rating 5
Great spot that is centrally located!
Erin G - Posted: 8/21/2023
Rating 5
It was fabulous! One of the best places to stay in Tahoe! Will for sure be back!
Catherine W - Posted: 8/20/2023
Rating 5
All we need. Perfect location!
Georgi L - Posted: 8/18/2023
Rating 5
This place is adorable! The room was clean, bed was comfortable and there was plenty of room for my husband and I + our 80lb dog. We we’re within walking distance of restaurants, shops, breweries and the Lakeview beach (this beach is not dog friendly). This was our first time in Lake Tahoe, we will be back and will definitely be staying here again.
Olivia R - Posted: 8/16/2023
Rating 5
Great location - walkable to casinos, heavenly village, and beach. I would definitely choose to stay in this location again.
Sarah F - Posted: 8/13/2023
Rating 3
NOT THE ROOM IN PHOTOS - I booked this room because it was nice and large enough for us to keep our kayaks in a night. Until we got there and was in a room 1/3 the size in the photo. When I contacted AS the next morning they said I should have been specific about the kayaks when booking and they would have given me a larger room. I think that is absolute BS if they had different rooms some 1/3 the size they should upload all photos of the rooms and be more transparent when booking through AirBnB that you could end up in a different room than the ones in the photos. I do want to give credit that they did refund me for a night because they couldn’t move us to the larger room and I think that was fair. Unfortunately the other downfall of our stay was that the bottom of our bed smelt like dog pee pretty bad, they also cleaned our bedding. Overall this place was a good spot and location I wish I didn’t feel scammed about the room.
Danielle J - Posted: 8/13/2023
Rating 5
Great location, in walking distance to grocery stores, restaurants, and parks.
Michelle N - Posted: 8/12/2023
Rating 5
Places was wonderful, the hosts did amazing job with accommodations especially when the people above us had no regards or care in the world for the people below them. Stomping around from 8pm-1:30am slamming and banging things the hosts where quick to fix that problem though! So i thank you very much, i would definitely stay again just hope the next time we have some better upstairs neighbors :)
Marissa O - Posted: 8/11/2023
Rating 5
was a very nice couple of nights! i love the keypad check in, was a really good location as well.
Grace C - Posted: 8/11/2023
Rating 5
This place was great! It has everything you need in a small room. AC was a blessing on this hot weekend!! Very nice spacious bathroom, mini fridge, a nice size tv and a tiny coffee maker. The bed was so comfortable too, nice fresh linens and great variety of pillows. We loved it
Catalina C - Posted: 8/10/2023
Rating 5
Beautiful clean location. Loved how close it was to everything!
Ross B - Posted: 8/8/2023
Rating 5
I appreciated the host’s responsiveness, even in the middle of the night. The room was very clean and pet friendly. They added a desk and chair in the room as requested. The room is not as described in the pictures and it was a lot smaller. If it was the same room or as big as it was pictured, I think it would’ve been worth our money since the space was too small for two people and our dog. I would’ve appreciated if the tv remotes were tested and replaced with new batteries. The host told us to access a closet that we could not locate.
Khine N - Posted: 8/7/2023
Rating 5
Check in was incredibly simple, room was clean, and in a great location
Lisa H - Posted: 8/4/2023
Rating 4
A tastefully renovated but rather basic room. Good amenities and very clean. Excellent location close to cinema, chairlift and many shops and restaurants. A short drive to the beach. Sheer curtains would allow sunlight yet some privacy.
Maureen D - Posted: 8/3/2023
Rating 5
good location with lots of walkable amenities
Jeff F - Posted: 8/2/2023
Rating 5
We really enjoyed our stay in South Lake Tahoe! The room was recently updated, which was nice. Location to dining, casinos etc was awesome!
Mike S - Posted: 8/1/2023
Rating 4
Enjoyed the location, very responsive. Walls were very thin and sheets were dirty upon arrival, however staff was very responsive and helpful.
Amanda C - Posted: 8/1/2023
Rating 5
Great place if you’re a remote worker, reason being that there are restaurants and grocery stores in walking distance.
Michelle N - Posted: 8/1/2023
Rating 5
Loved the location.
Sincy M - Posted: 7/31/2023
Rating 5
Pænt og rent. Fint område med hyggelige steder og caféer.
Signe H - Posted: 7/28/2023
Rating 5
This is the best of the local affordable lodges. I won't be staying anywhere else in South Lake. Recently renovated, so everything is clean. 5-10 minute walk to Heavenly Village, the beach, breweries, coffee, and fine dining. Roku tv in the room, mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and ac/ heater works well. Definitely coming back.
Niko G - Posted: 7/25/2023
Rating 5
Adventure stays property manager at blue hay lodge was super helpful super responsive and overall excellent customer service! Would stay again!
Makayla E - Posted: 7/25/2023
Rating 3
This is a renovated motel. The place was clean and had pleasant decor. The bed was super comfortable and it was quiet. The AC was portable and needed the window for its hose. This made me feel a little unsafe because the room is on the ground floor. They have passes to a local beach, which is a nice touch.
Kirsten H - Posted: 7/25/2023
Rating 5
Great place, would definitely recommend!
Trini V - Posted: 7/25/2023
Rating 5
They hosted my parents and were so accommodating, considering I had made the reservation. Thank you for making their little weekend gateway comfortable.
Sulmy P - Posted: 7/24/2023
Rating 5
Nice place to stay, good location ! Clean and friendly. Would recommend definitely.
Hannah D - Posted: 7/23/2023
Rating 5
We had a blast staying here. It was very clean and in a very convenient location. Definitely want to stay here again.
Synthia R - Posted: 7/23/2023
Rating 4
very clean ,quiet , puppies liked the room
Adam J - Posted: 7/22/2023
Rating 5
Fantastic stay!! The room was beautifully updated, very CLEAN, close to everything (walking distance), and any time I reached out to the host I was contacted back right away. They were very accommodating and helpful throughout our entire stay. We can not wait to stay here again!! Thank you for a wonderful stay!!!
Celeste T - Posted: 7/20/2023
Rating 5
great place!
Jeulian T - Posted: 7/20/2023
Rating 5
Chad F - Posted: 7/20/2023
Rating 5
Went on a vacation to Lake Tahoe, 4 days and 3 nights with my bf and picked this place to stay for the week and was the best decision. It was an easy check in, and any questions I had were responded to quickly. The place was clean and easy to find. We loved it was walking distance to the beach, heavenly village and local restaurants, breweries and coffee shops. We even found a liking to Trailhead coffee right next door. Would definitely come back!
Vanessa M - Posted: 7/19/2023
Rating 5
Loved our room! Check-in and check out was very simple and easy. The room was very clean and modern looking. It is in a very quiet area just off the main strip. Many restaurants and shopping near by with in a short walking distance. When we got there we had an issue with the toilet, I contacted the host and someone came right away to fix it. I would highly recommend this place!
Trevor S - Posted: 7/18/2023
Rating 5
We are glad we chose your property! It is a close walk to our event. We, including our pet dog Devyn, felt safe. Communication was clear and timely. We will be back next year to stay again for the annual event. Thanks Adventure Stay! - Armin, Maria & Devyn
Victoria T - Posted: 7/18/2023
Rating 5
Great location, walking distance to everything. Room had nice updated renovations. Perfect for a quick weekend.
Lauren L - Posted: 7/17/2023
Rating 5
Perfect location
Michelle H - Posted: 7/17/2023
Rating 5
This place was perfect for our trip to South Lake Tahoe. The room was clean and met our needs for a place to crash each night after a day of adventures. The location was great, a quick walk to all of the restaurants and the beach. Adventure Stays was quick to respond when we needed something and made it easy for us to find what we needed.
Molly M - Posted: 7/17/2023
Rating 5
Clean & quiet, walkable to everything in the Stateline area. Very convenient and exactly as listed.
Owen K - Posted: 7/15/2023
Rating 5
Great location, very walkable to the main areas and it’s a 12 min walk from the closest beach
Maria C - Posted: 7/10/2023
Rating 5
Perfect location, walking distance to so much!
Lauren L - Posted: 7/7/2023
Rating 5
Very good place to stay?
Wenqing J - Posted: 7/6/2023
Rating 5
This was our first trip to Tahoe and we had our dogs with us so that usually narrows down our options significantly. We came across this place, and it was a great location, walking distance (and I mean a very short walk) to restaurants and casinos. The place has everything you need, looks just like the pictures and the host is very responsive! Plenty of room- it was me and my husband, and our Pomeranian and Italian Mastiff (and we weren’t bumping in to each other). We came in the summer and had a great time, it was very hot but the AC in the room worked great. I imagine it’s nice and cozy in the winter snow, we just may have to come back and stay for the holidays! Overall a great value, especially if you have fur babies!
Collette J - Posted: 7/6/2023
Rating 3
The room itself was beautiful, and you can’t beat being in Lake Tahoe.
Melissa P - Posted: 7/6/2023
Rating 5
Tomas B - Posted: 7/6/2023
Rating 5
Adventure Stay / Blue Jay Lodge have been great hosts! Any questions or messages via Airbnb were always answered kindly and within reasonable time. The room was clean and modern, and I particularly liked the passcode door lock. The hotel is located just a walk away from all the attractions/restaurants near Stateline Tahoe so it was super convenient to grab food or explore the area. Additionally, we left an important item in the room after checking out and the hosts reached out to notify us of our lost item. We greatly appreciate that and will definitely recommend Adventure Stay to other guests.
Jeffrey L - Posted: 7/5/2023
Rating 5
Loved this place. Started out with a friendly staff, easy to find nestled in the heart of Lake Tahoe. Beautiful room with everything I needed. Walkable to all the best places.
Mark E - Posted: 6/26/2023
Rating 3
Cute but not too comfy Positive: Loved the location! The rooms were clean. It was a cute place. Negative: The bed was rock hard and it was on metal stands which if you’re in a relationship you know that’s not the best. The bed was loud and uncomfortable.
Cathleen M - Posted:
Rating 5
Great stay, clean and cozy hotel, and close to everything. Positive: Everything was great! Very clean, friendly staff, and close to the Harvey’s casino/state line beach. I have stayed at many in the area and this was by far the cleanest and comfortable stay. Will definitely stay again. Negative: Everything was great!
Denise A - Posted:
Rating 5
Great place, nice staff good and beautiful rooms Positive: Remodeled Negative: N/a
Alexandria B - Posted:
Rating 5
Fantastic Positive: Everything’s wonderfully done staff is phonemical Negative: Nothing
Michelle P - Posted:
Rating 4
Positive: Location was great
Brandie R - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Walking distance to everything
Christopher R - Posted:
Rating 2
Horrible Positive: Nobreakfast Negative: When I checked in I did not have a remote tv or a front desk person to help me. I called all 3 numbers and got an answering machine . At some point a man called from the phillipines unable to help.. at wbb he at seemed like a nightmare as I am a disabled senior s n f no office phone in the motel. I finally left and checked into three peaks resort. I cried for hours and hours thuu I s was so uncalled for, obviously the maids fault.
Michelle P - Posted:
Rating 3
Positive: The room was clean Negative: Very hard to get a parking spot with my big truck and would rather of checked in and out at office not just by phone it worked ok just dont like automated check in and out
Mathew R - Posted:
Rating 5
Jederzeit wieder Positive: Es war super sauber, auch die Dusche. Außerdem gab es einen Kühlschrank.
Julia L - Posted:
Rating 4
I’ll go back again. Positive: Location Negative: No box spring. Bed could’ve been better.
Stapp S - Posted:
Rating 5
Great stay :) Positive: The location was perfect, cute room, the mini fridge was great and the door code entry instead of key. Pet friendly was able to have my pup with me :)
Maia H - Posted:
Rating 1
Never more Positive: Location Negative: Cleaning Parking Noise Internet There isn’t hair dryer
Nelly P - Posted:
Rating 5
Overall, my husband and I had a lovely moments staying there . We were so satisfied about how room is clean and comfy. A Positive: Property was clean and easy access to the beach and restaurants. Room was very clean and comfy. Staff are listener and provide what you need or ask. When you email them they respond so fast and they make sure you have every thing you need. There are ice machines and laundry are available which is amazing during Summer time. There are also some frames that are really inspiring and makes you excited for your adventure in Tahoe. Love that idea. Negative: Maybe a few tips can make it super duper excellent like Wi-Fi isn’t super fast, and there wasn’t any toothbrush (but there are tons of soaps, body wash, shampoo and etc.) AC is a bit noisy but we had it on 24/7 and worked perfectly.
Sarvenaz V - Posted:
Rating 4
Negative: The wifi would not connect in our room and the only option was a Roku to watch anything
Jessica C - Posted:
Rating 5
Cozy, clean, and comfortable! Positive: Everything near by was walking distance. Negative: Parking can get packed but we were still able to find parking within the property.
Xochitl M - Posted:
Rating 5
It was a nice stay and definitely decently priced, really nice renovations. The bed was extremely comfortable and the sh Positive: I liked the location, the renovations, the comfy bed which we didn’t want to wake up out of. Negative: Parking wasn’t the best. Always had to park on the street. The floor was a bit dirty but it’s understandable since most people probably hike
Montana L - Posted:
Rating 4
Positive: Good location. Good communication. Seamless check-in/out. Parking. Comfy bed. Negative: The listing says "outdoor swimming pool" but that tiny thing was not a pool, more like a large bathtub. The room was a lot smaller than the photos would suggest. The lighting could use an upgrade - it was a choice between the very bright overhead lighting or the lamp in the corner that didn't have a shade. Having a light blub glare directly in your face like that was uncomfortable so we didnt use it.
Karishma K - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: The room was clean and the bed was comfy. Negative: The pool area wasn’t very nice.
Coleena T - Posted:
Rating 5
Great location and Rooms were very updated and clean Positive: Close to everything Negative: No staff on site at the office
Steve L - Posted:
Rating 4
Trevligt boendet som har allt du behöver. Enkel check in. Positive: Bra läge. Nära till strand och restauranger. Negative: Väldigt högljutt kylskåp och ac.
Johanna S - Posted:
Rating 5
Convenient Positive: Loved being checked in ad text with door code Negative: Room smelled a lil musky
Melissa M - Posted:
Rating 4
Location Positive: Great location, cute Negative: No proper desk to sit down with a laptop Very soft mattress, ended up sleeping (or trying to sleep) on the floor
Roman T - Posted:
Rating 1
Positive: The location. We frequent Blue Jay as we are NV locals. BUT ownership has changed. Negative: Everything is online. No one greets you or is available to you if there's any problems. And there were problems!
Valerie B - Posted:
Rating 4
Overall we really enjoyed it. The room was clean and it was close to a lot of the things to do as a family. Positive: It was really close to the Lake and also right around the corner from the shops. Negative: That it doesn’t have free breakfast
Sierra W - Posted:
Rating 1
Old motel in a great location Positive: Location was great but the room is glorified motel room from 1960s. They tried to spruce it up with modern finishes but it's lipstick on a pig. Negative: The bed was very uncomfortable I barely got any sleep throughout the night and wondered why I spent so much money on this hotel room because I'm sure that a night in the car would be about the same as far as a restful night's sleep. I didn't see any management on the property and i saw a dirty pair of women's underwear on the ground near my hotel room which wasn't great to have to explain to a small child I was traveling with.
Jason S - Posted:
Rating 5
Easy access, clean space, convenient Positive: Convenient to music venue and shop and restaurants. Love the easy door code check in. Loved the vibe, clean modern not over done. Large bottles of hand soap and shampoos and conditioner- great idea!
Melony C - Posted:
Rating 5
We will be back Positive: Close to everything Negative: Beds not comfortable
Jennifer P - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: I liked the decoration ... Negative: They didn't let me check in earlier, it was a rainy day,
Ana C - Posted:
Rating 4
Positive: The mini fridge Negative: The bathroom light that kept flickering.
Melissa E - Posted:
Rating 4
Negative: It was loud in our room from neighbors
Todd D - Posted:
Rating 5
Great value for money! Positive: Great location and value!
Ricardo A - Posted:
Rating 3
Excellent location but the overall service and facilities provided was not value for money. Positive: Excellent location, easy contactless checkin. Staff were responsive via booking.com messenger and were quick to replace faulty fridge when reported. Negative: Faulty fridge in the room made a consistent and very loud rattling/vibrating noise throughout the day/night which prevented us from sleeping, the fridge should have been replaced prior to our stay and no compensation was offered for the lost night of sleep. Very squeaky and unstable bed frame. No one manning the reception consistently during working hours to provide assistance. Poorly maintained plumbing which meant that the hot shower tap made a loud squealing noise when used. Pool did not appear suitable for use, it was not filled fully and had leaves, dirt etc gathered at the base.
Rachael C - Posted:
Rating 4
Perfekt für einen kürzeren Aufenthalt Positive: Gemütliches Zimmer, fünf Minuten zum Strandbad am See Negative: Sehr Hellhörig, kein Frühstück
Christopher G - Posted:
Rating 4
Nice Positive: Remodel was nice and location Negative: bed was uncomfortable
Krystal F - Posted:
Rating 3
Negative: One of the rooms we reserved had only one bed and we needed two beds
Julia R - Posted:
Rating 5
Very relaxing. Positive: It was clean, quiet, and close to everything we wanted to do.
Bailey B - Posted:
Rating 3
Not clean. I found hairs in my bed and restroom. Positive: Stylish room Negative: Not clean. I found hairs in my bed and restroom.
Batmaa C - Posted:
Rating 5
Feel good Positive: ??room is clean, very comfortable bed, easy going to town. Negative: If they have breakfast will be better
Xing J - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Close to casinos. Clean. Price good. Negative: The new check in and door lock system was confussing,
Kenneth C - Posted:
Rating 4
Nice place to stay Positive: Easy after hours access, comfortable bed, and clean shower and bathroom Negative: I could hear people in the next room like there was no wall.
Donna F - Posted:
Rating 4
Cocon pittoresque au bord du Lake Tahoe Positive: Jolie chambre, avec belle décoration, parking gratuit et bien située au centre de la ville. A noter checkin entièrement à distance avec code de la chambre reçu par message Negative: Lit très mou ce qui est un peu rude pour le dos et chambre un peu sombre quand on est au réa de chaussée
Adrien P - Posted:
Rating 5
Great time and great place for a great price. Positive: Perfect size and location for my getaway. Negative: N/A
Stephanie B - Posted:
Rating 5
Gemütliche Unterkunft, einfacher Check-in/out Positive: Gemütliche, sehr saubere Unterkunft zu einem fairen Preis. Sehr gute Kommunikation/Instruktionen. Gerne wieder! Negative: ---
Marianne K - Posted:
Rating 4
Det var mysigt. Positive: Det var rent och allmänt trevligt. Negative: Väggarna var väldigt tunna och grannarna hördes väldigt mycket
Jeremiah S - Posted:
Rating 5
Clean facility Positive: Location Decor was nice Negative: Room size
Elizabeth B - Posted:
Rating 4
Nice for the money. Positive: The location was very close to the main shops at S. Lake Tahoe. The room was newly remodeled and was nice. Negative: There was no staff on site to assist when there were questions. (Thanks to Covid fall out, sign of the times we live in) The street the motel was located on was severely in need of repair, lots of pot holes, this is not the motel's fault but I mention it just as information for someone who might be driving a low clearance vehicle. I had booked 3 nights, but decided to leave early. Their policy didn't allow a refund for the unused night. Should have booked separate nights or with a motel with a more flexible policy.
JAMES L - Posted:
Rating 2
Most likely will not stay here again. We used to come here alot but no more. Positive: Our room wasn't real confortable and the NOISE from the other rooms was UNBELIEVABLE!! I thought they were in my room!! Just terrible. Walls were paper thin! We are big sports people an wanted to watch our game and found out we would have to take out a subscription to watch it! and it was Sunday night football!! Office was unkept and they wanted us to do everything from an APP! We like to talk to a REAL person! When we first went into the room we were wondering why there was a pair of earplugs on each side of the bed? We found out fast!! Negative: See above
jeff r - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: I liked how close it was to the restaurants and the lake to watch the Sunset. Negative: I was thinking about how to add a few hooks to hang towels in RR or jackets when we walk in the door to hang jackets and scarfs.
Martinez M - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Great location! The rooms are lovely, there’s definitely a camping vibe. I felt comfortable and safe here. For amazing coffee and food, check out Trail Folks coffee next door. The coffee is great and the gluten free breakfast sandwiches are delicious. Negative: The walls are a bit thing, but I just brought my noise machine and slept perfectly fine.
Christina S - Posted:
Rating 1
GABRIEL M - Posted:
Rating 4
Positive: Location Negative: Room's floor very dirty.
Eric K - Posted:
Rating 4
Immer wieder Positive: - modernisierte Zimmer - easy Check in and out - Möglichkeiten zum waschen Negative: - Pool war Baustelle
Dominic A - Posted:
Rating 5
We stayed for 3 nights and had a great time. Everything is very walkable. Positive: It was very quiet, clean, updated, and close to everything! Negative: The beds and pillows were uncomfortable.
Adriana P - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Parking
Arias M - Posted:
Rating 2
It was not comfortable. Positive: Location was great. Shower was clean. Room was clean. Negative: But check in was horrible. No front office and got the code to open the door at 4 pm. It worked fine but had to wait 2-3 hours. Of front office is available they often accommodate check in a bit early. Then inside no wardrobe to hang clothes. A small rod that was so low, all my shirts were touching the floor. No carpet at the floor. Bathroom was clean but no hooks or shelves to hang clothes or robe. Outdated coffee maker and microwave.
KHALID K - Posted:
Rating 5
it is warm , convieniet and the auto-check in is very friendly. Positive: the facilities here is pretty good Negative: no, everything met my expectation
Shuting L - Posted:
Rating 5
Thank you!
Corina A - Posted:
Rating 5
BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK IN SOUTH LAKE TAHOE Positive: Went for new years weekend and originally booked the Golden Nugget Hotel for 2 nights, we stayed there for 1 night then left because we were really upset with EVERYTHING! Ended up getting a refund and booked the Blue Jay Lodge. We didn’t have high expectations for this place either because it was only $118 a night vs $500 a night at the Golden Nugget, but let me tell you boiiiiii, this place was amazing! It is close to everything, it is newly renovated, the parking was free and we literally parked right outside our door, the check in process was seamless cause it was all digital (they texted me the door code and we were able to go to our room and not deal with waiting in a line), everything was super clean, and the heater ACTUALLY WORKED (heater didn’t work at the Golden Nugget). This will 1000000% be the place I book EVERY TIME I go to Tahoe from now on! Negative: Nothing to complain about here!
Logan V - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: For sure coming back! Very satisfied with our stay.
Sabisor M - Posted:
Rating 1
Bed extremely uncomfortable. Dirty floors. No front desk (only a phone number) which means no help Positive: Honestly, nothing about this stay was pleasant. Negative: Everything. First and foremost, the bed was unsleepable. I haven't slept in a bed that bad in a very long time. It was sunken in the middle, causing me and my partner to fall into each other, and offered no support. Neither of us slept. The second day, we asked to be moved to a different room; however, there was no front desk! We had to call a helpline, who then had to call the property manager. Only after calling back later, did they tell us which room to move to. The second room's bed was slightly better but still pretty awful. I was so tired from the first night, that the second night I managed to sleep. Furthermore, the room floor was extremely dirty. Continuing on with the problems, we asked for pillows in the afternoon of the second night, however, the helpline was unable to give them to us because again, there was no front desk. Only cleaning staff that comes in the morning. THIS PLACE IS AWFUL.
Eric L - Posted:
Rating 5
We had a great, easy visit at the Blue Jay Lodge! The room was clean and looked nice, and the bed was super comfy. We wo Negative: Parking seemed limited.
Natasha T - Posted:
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