Rating 4.7 (233)

Standard King

$35.00 - $612.00 / night + taxes & fees

Bedroom 1 bedrooms
Bathroom 1 baths
Guests 2 guests
Dogs Allowed Dogs Allowed

  • Address: Cedar Ave
  • Location: South Lake Tahoe

Description Description
Note: All units may vary a bit by the layout and specific furniture.  All units may vary a bit by the layout and specific furniture.
Welcome to Blue Jay Lodge, your cozy retreat in the heart of South Lake Tahoe! We've made recent updates to enhance your comfort during your stay.

Our prime location allows easy exploration of popular attractions. Just a short walk away, you'll find Heavenly Village and the Gondola to Heavenly Resort. Lakeside Beach at Lake Tahoe, Harrah's and Hard Rock Casino, and a variety of restaurants, galleries, and bars are also within reach.

Our rooms provide a comfortable atmosphere and amenities for a pleasant stay. Enjoy a restful night's sleep, and find convenience with a mini fridge, microwave, and Keurig. Freshen up in the spacious full bathroom with a new tile shower. Relax with a flat-screen smart TV and high-speed WiFi.

Blue Jay Lodge offers an inviting outdoor space where you can unwind. Engage in lawn games, find a cozy seating area, or gather around the fire pit.

On-site parking is available, and many attractions are within walking distance. Lime or Uber scooters are also accessible.

Please note that other guests may be present in separate units. While we strive for a peaceful environment, some noise from adjacent units may be heard. Our property managers are available to address any concerns.

Well-behaved pets are welcome for an additional fee (please check availability in advance). We kindly request that pets refrain from climbing onto furniture or beds.

We've made recent updates to our property, although it wasn't a complete renovation. We appreciate your understanding.

Early check-ins and late check-outs are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

This is a Multi- Listing.

Your safety is important to us, and we have exterior cameras for security. Please rest assured that your privacy within the rooms is fully respected.

At Blue Jay Lodge, we are committed to your comfort and satisfaction. Please reach out if there's anything we can do to enhance your stay. We look forward to hosting you for a memorable South Lake Tahoe experience!

Location Location

Availability Calendar Availability Calendar
April 2024
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  1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 $581 27
28 29 30        
May 2024
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
      1 2 3 $714 4
5 6 7 8 9 10 $693 11
12 13 14 15 16 17 $700 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 $1337 25
26 27 28 29 30 31  
June 2024
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
            $1442 1
2 3 4 5 6 7 $1260 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 $1848 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 $1911 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 $1603 29
July 2024
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
  1 2 3 4 5 $3010 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 $3703 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 $2366 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 $2345 27
28 29 30 31      
August 2024
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
        1 2 $2121 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 $2212 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 $1925 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 $1841 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 $2275 31
September 2024
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
1 2 3 4 5 6 $1162 7
8 9 10 11 12 13 $1498 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30          
October 2024
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6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 31    
November 2024
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3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30
December 2024
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 31        
January 2025
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5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 31  
February 2025
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2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 27 28  
March 2025
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2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 29
30 31          
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Rates Rates
Start Date End Date Weekly Nightly
04/23/2024 04/23/2024       - $35.00
04/24/2024 04/24/2024       - $35.00
04/25/2024 04/25/2024       - $35.00
04/26/2024 04/26/2024       - $77.00
04/27/2024 04/27/2024       - $83.00
04/28/2024 04/28/2024       - $57.00
04/29/2024 04/29/2024       - $42.00
04/30/2024 04/30/2024       - $43.00
05/01/2024 05/01/2024       - $44.00
05/02/2024 05/02/2024       - $45.00
05/03/2024 05/03/2024       - $96.00
05/04/2024 05/04/2024       - $102.00
05/05/2024 05/05/2024       - $65.00
05/06/2024 05/06/2024       - $46.00
05/07/2024 05/07/2024       - $44.00
05/08/2024 05/08/2024       - $47.00
05/09/2024 05/09/2024       - $46.00
05/10/2024 05/10/2024       - $97.00
05/11/2024 05/11/2024       - $99.00
05/12/2024 05/12/2024       - $66.00
05/13/2024 05/13/2024       - $46.00
05/14/2024 05/14/2024       - $45.00
05/15/2024 05/15/2024       - $47.00
05/16/2024 05/16/2024       - $48.00
05/17/2024 05/17/2024       - $105.00
05/18/2024 05/18/2024       - $100.00
05/19/2024 05/19/2024       - $67.00
05/20/2024 05/20/2024       - $49.00
05/21/2024 05/21/2024       - $48.00
05/22/2024 05/22/2024       - $48.00
05/23/2024 05/23/2024       - $48.00
05/24/2024 05/24/2024       - $133.00
05/25/2024 05/25/2024       - $191.00
05/26/2024 05/26/2024       - $102.00
05/27/2024 05/27/2024       - $51.00
05/28/2024 05/28/2024       - $51.00
05/29/2024 05/29/2024       - $51.00
05/30/2024 05/30/2024       - $52.00
05/31/2024 05/31/2024       - $161.00
06/01/2024 06/01/2024       - $206.00
06/02/2024 06/02/2024       - $119.00
06/03/2024 06/03/2024       - $76.00
06/04/2024 06/04/2024       - $54.00
06/05/2024 06/05/2024       - $55.00
06/06/2024 06/06/2024       - $57.00
06/07/2024 06/07/2024       - $131.00
06/08/2024 06/08/2024       - $180.00
06/09/2024 06/09/2024       - $112.00
06/10/2024 06/10/2024       - $71.00
06/11/2024 06/11/2024       - $69.00
06/12/2024 06/12/2024       - $112.00
06/13/2024 06/13/2024       - $112.00
06/14/2024 06/14/2024       - $213.00
06/15/2024 06/15/2024       - $264.00
06/16/2024 06/16/2024       - $112.00
06/17/2024 06/17/2024       - $112.00
06/18/2024 06/18/2024       - $123.00
06/19/2024 06/19/2024       - $125.00
06/20/2024 06/20/2024       - $127.00
06/21/2024 06/21/2024       - $245.00
06/22/2024 06/22/2024       - $273.00
06/23/2024 06/23/2024       - $125.00
06/24/2024 06/24/2024       - $112.00
06/25/2024 06/25/2024       - $112.00
06/26/2024 06/26/2024       - $112.00
06/27/2024 06/27/2024       - $112.00
06/28/2024 06/28/2024       - $200.00
06/29/2024 06/29/2024       - $229.00
06/30/2024 06/30/2024       - $138.00
07/01/2024 07/01/2024       - $134.00
07/02/2024 07/02/2024       - $138.00
07/03/2024 07/03/2024       - $222.00
07/04/2024 07/04/2024       - $222.00
07/05/2024 07/05/2024       - $429.00
07/06/2024 07/06/2024       - $430.00
07/07/2024 07/07/2024       - $213.00
07/08/2024 07/08/2024       - $143.00
07/09/2024 07/09/2024       - $165.00
07/10/2024 07/10/2024       - $247.00
07/11/2024 07/11/2024       - $274.00
07/12/2024 07/12/2024       - $612.00
07/13/2024 07/13/2024       - $529.00
07/14/2024 07/14/2024       - $327.00
07/15/2024 07/15/2024       - $158.00
07/16/2024 07/16/2024       - $161.00
07/17/2024 07/17/2024       - $153.00
07/18/2024 07/18/2024       - $166.00
07/19/2024 07/19/2024       - $361.00
07/20/2024 07/20/2024       - $338.00
07/21/2024 07/21/2024       - $219.00
07/22/2024 07/22/2024       - $157.00
07/23/2024 07/23/2024       - $154.00
07/24/2024 07/24/2024       - $156.00
07/25/2024 07/25/2024       - $190.00
07/26/2024 07/26/2024       - $335.00
07/27/2024 07/27/2024       - $335.00
07/28/2024 07/28/2024       - $241.00
07/29/2024 07/29/2024       - $162.00
07/30/2024 07/30/2024       - $158.00
07/31/2024 07/31/2024       - $156.00
08/01/2024 08/01/2024       - $154.00
08/02/2024 08/02/2024       - $305.00
08/03/2024 08/03/2024       - $303.00
08/04/2024 08/04/2024       - $202.00
08/05/2024 08/05/2024       - $141.00
08/06/2024 08/06/2024       - $139.00
08/07/2024 08/07/2024       - $139.00
08/08/2024 08/08/2024       - $143.00
08/09/2024 08/09/2024       - $312.00
08/10/2024 08/10/2024       - $316.00
08/11/2024 08/11/2024       - $193.00
08/12/2024 08/12/2024       - $134.00
08/13/2024 08/13/2024       - $137.00
08/14/2024 08/14/2024       - $132.00
08/15/2024 08/15/2024       - $135.00
08/16/2024 08/16/2024       - $277.00
08/17/2024 08/17/2024       - $275.00
08/18/2024 08/18/2024       - $183.00
08/19/2024 08/19/2024       - $127.00
08/20/2024 08/20/2024       - $126.00
08/21/2024 08/21/2024       - $126.00
08/22/2024 08/22/2024       - $131.00
08/23/2024 08/23/2024       - $265.00
08/24/2024 08/24/2024       - $263.00
08/25/2024 08/25/2024       - $175.00
08/26/2024 08/26/2024       - $121.00
08/27/2024 08/27/2024       - $120.00
08/28/2024 08/28/2024       - $119.00
08/29/2024 08/29/2024       - $121.00
08/30/2024 08/30/2024       - $324.00
08/31/2024 08/31/2024       - $325.00
09/01/2024 09/01/2024       - $172.00
09/02/2024 09/02/2024       - $112.00
09/03/2024 09/03/2024       - $112.00
09/04/2024 09/04/2024       - $112.00
09/05/2024 09/05/2024       - $112.00
09/06/2024 09/06/2024       - $167.00
09/07/2024 09/07/2024       - $166.00
09/08/2024 09/08/2024       - $112.00
09/09/2024 09/09/2024       - $112.00
09/10/2024 09/10/2024       - $112.00
09/11/2024 09/11/2024       - $112.00
09/12/2024 09/12/2024       - $129.00
09/13/2024 09/13/2024       - $207.00
09/14/2024 09/14/2024       - $214.00
09/15/2024 09/15/2024       - $112.00
09/16/2024 09/16/2024       - $112.00
09/17/2024 09/17/2024       - $112.00
09/18/2024 09/18/2024       - $112.00
09/19/2024 09/19/2024       - $112.00
09/20/2024 09/20/2024       - $257.00
09/21/2024 09/21/2024       - $250.00
09/22/2024 09/22/2024       - $112.00
09/23/2024 09/23/2024       - $112.00
09/24/2024 09/24/2024       - $112.00
09/25/2024 09/25/2024       - $112.00
09/26/2024 09/26/2024       - $112.00
09/27/2024 09/27/2024       - $155.00
09/28/2024 09/28/2024       - $150.00
09/29/2024 09/29/2024       - $112.00
09/30/2024 09/30/2024       - $112.00
10/01/2024 10/01/2024       - $112.00
10/02/2024 10/02/2024       - $112.00
10/03/2024 10/03/2024       - $112.00
10/04/2024 10/04/2024       - $118.00
10/05/2024 10/05/2024       - $125.00
10/06/2024 10/06/2024       - $112.00
10/07/2024 10/07/2024       - $112.00
10/08/2024 10/08/2024       - $112.00
10/09/2024 10/09/2024       - $112.00
10/10/2024 10/10/2024       - $112.00
10/11/2024 10/11/2024       - $203.00
10/12/2024 10/12/2024       - $203.00
10/13/2024 10/13/2024       - $150.00
10/14/2024 10/14/2024       - $112.00
10/15/2024 10/15/2024       - $112.00
10/16/2024 10/16/2024       - $112.00
10/17/2024 10/17/2024       - $112.00
10/18/2024 10/18/2024       - $118.00
10/19/2024 10/19/2024       - $118.00
10/20/2024 10/20/2024       - $112.00
10/21/2024 10/21/2024       - $112.00
10/22/2024 10/22/2024       - $112.00
10/23/2024 10/23/2024       - $112.00

Amenities 39 Amenities
  • Body soap
  • Conditioner
  • Shower gel
  • Tub
  • Air conditioning
  • Clothing storage
  • Essentials
  • Extra pillows and blankets
  • Garden or backyard
  • Hair Dryer
  • Hangers
  • Heating
  • Hot water
  • Iron
  • Laptop Friendly workspace
  • Laundromat
  • Linens
  • Outdoor grill
  • Portable fans
  • Private entrance
  • Room darkening shades
  • Shampoo
  • TV
  • Wireless
Kitchen & Dining
  • Coffee
  • Microwave
  • Mini fridge
  • Beach
  • Lake
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Free parking
  • Dogs allowed
  • Long term stays allowed
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Smoke detector

Reviews Rating 4.7 (233) Reviews
Rating 5
Was great! Will be at the top of my list of places to stay when going to tahoe
Sean L - Posted: 4/12/2024
Rating 5
Great stay for my ski trip to Heavenly, 5 minute drive to the parking lot and what seemed like a hundred restaurants within walking distance. The room was cozy and clean and host was very attentive to anything I needed. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a place in the area and will stay here when I’m in the area again.
Pawel Z - Posted: 4/12/2024
Rating 5
Super new, clean, beautiful and spacious lodge. Even provide hair conditioner and lotion. Exceed my expectations in ski resort lodges. Instruction was clear, easy to check in and out. Good location - 10-13 min walk to village and gondola. Will def recommend
Rachel H - Posted: 4/8/2024
Rating 5
Really nice room with everything you need! It was only 6min walk to the gondola so super convenient for skiing.
Elena S - Posted: 4/3/2024
Rating 4
I enjoyed staying here. The only thing that was a problem for me was that there is nothing to sit on besides the bed. Was inside a lot dye to weather and wanted a comfy chair. Otherwise, was a good experience
Vicki H - Posted: 4/1/2024
Rating 5
Super cute spot to stay for a weekend - very walkable area. The place was quiet too. Would definitely come back!
Baylie H - Posted: 4/1/2024
Rating 5
Great location. Very communicative. Would stay here again if we plan to ski at Heavenly.
Christine W - Posted: 4/1/2024
Rating 5
Great location, very nice and clean place. Self check-in, which is nice. Very accommodating for early check-in! Can't wait to go back!
Brian D - Posted: 3/31/2024
Rating 5
Great stay!
Natalie O - Posted: 3/26/2024
Rating 5
Had a great stay within walking distance of many things to see and do. Would recommend staying here to anyone. They do a really nice job for a great value!
Ryan R - Posted: 3/26/2024
Rating 4
We had an all around great stay. Location was is great, room is spacious. Nothing fancy but just what we needed for a ski weekend. We’ve stayed here once before in a different unit in the building. We booked what we thought was the same unit but got put in a different unit this time on the second floor. Unfortunately, there was a bad smell much of the time in the room. We couldn’t place it, but almost as if there was a busted pipe or bad ventilation from the bathrooms in the rooms to either side. We didn’t experience this the first time we stayed, so it could have just been this unit.
Theresa S - Posted: 3/25/2024
Rating 5
Its a walking distance from the gondola!
Sebnem O - Posted: 3/25/2024
Rating 5
Very cozy and peaceful stay! The room was very clean, quiet and walkable to restaurants and skiing. Will definitely be back.
Stephanie A - Posted: 3/24/2024
Rating 5
It’s in a nondescript motel a couple side streets over from the main drag. Check-in was super easy, since they just texted a key code to get in. The apartment was spotless. Like, uncommonly clean. The bed was super comfortable with nice pillows. I was able to find a parking spot, but I do worry that the size of the lot might not have accommodated me if I had arrived later. The restaurants, casinos, and gondola are just a short walk away from this accommodation. I would definitely stay there again!
Paul W - Posted: 3/22/2024
Rating 5
Great stay and highly recommended! Super good deal, huge TV, very clean and comfortable. Staff was excellent.
Beau G - Posted: 3/22/2024
Rating 5
Highly recommend staying here. It is RIGHT in the heart of Heavenly Village, about a 5 minute walk to the gondola and all the great shops and restaurants in the village. There is a great brewery and coffee shop next door, which couldn't be more convenient. As far as the room goes, you can tell it was recently renovated and it's very clean and comfortable. Just an excellent value!
Patrick S - Posted: 3/21/2024
Rating 5
Todo súper bien
Raul C - Posted: 3/13/2024
Rating 5
We drove up to Tahoe to ski for the weekend and we had a great stay at the Blue Jay Lodge. The location is fantastic (close enough to be able to walk in ski gear over to the Heavenly gondola & shuttles). We didn't have any problems with cleanliness, noise, or check-in; everything was smooth. From reading other reviews it sounded like Blue Jay Lodge had a management change recently, and the new setup has been great. We would definitely come back.
Vinjai V - Posted: 3/12/2024
Rating 5
Overall a nice and cozy place to stay. Easy place to find and check in was a breeze! The room was spacious and had plenty of space to put down our luggage and snow gear. Bathroom was clean and updated. The Roku TV was also a plus! The location made it convenient for walking to the shopping areas, restaurants, casinos and even the lake! As other reviewers mentioned, walls are thin but ear plugs were provided. Didn't seem to bother me as much. Another was the room lighting was pretty bright. Wish the lighting was adjustable but other than that, will be booking again in the future!
Kenneth I - Posted: 3/11/2024
Rating 5
Great large room, with blackout curtains.
Banessa R - Posted: 3/11/2024
Rating 5
The stay was very pleasant. The furniture is very comfortable. Cleaning and skin care products were the plus that gave it the highest score.
Melinda C - Posted: 3/10/2024
Rating 5
Everything was great! Would book again! My only ick was that the water was brown when I first turned on the shower, but after letting it run, everything seemed fine. It might have been that someone hadn’t booked my room in a while.
Diana L - Posted: 3/7/2024
Rating 5
Very nice room, clean and comfortable
Danielle J - Posted: 3/5/2024
Rating 5
The Airbnb was exactly as listed and the property managers were super helpful and understanding. Would stay here again 1000%
Stella L - Posted: 3/5/2024
Rating 5
Awesome spot!
Sage M - Posted: 2/28/2024
Rating 5
Very nice and recently updated space. The walls were quite thin but never caused issue. Walking distance to everything you need. Would return!
Eric R - Posted: 2/27/2024
Rating 5
Place was clean great location next to everything happening downtown! parking was crowded, but we found a spot. Was a bit noisy in the morning walls are pretty thin.
Megan M - Posted: 2/27/2024
Rating 5
The Blue Jay Lodge WAY exceeded my expectations!! The room was so spacious, plenty of space for me and my husband and all of our luggage. Roku smart tv was great. The location was the biggest selling point for us. You can easily walk to the casinos, heavenly village and gondola. There’s also a coffee shop right next door at Basecamp hotel which I loved! Of course, there were some downsides- the pillows were not the comfiest, the floors seemed a bit dirty and the walls are thin. But for us, the pros far outweighed the cons! We really enjoyed our stay and would definitely stay here again
Alexandra C - Posted: 2/25/2024
Rating 5
Great location! Nice room!
Tong Y - Posted: 2/23/2024
Rating 5
Happy to stay with any Adventure Stay property. all clean, newly renovated, and thoughtfully supplied.
Kylie G - Posted: 2/23/2024
Rating 5
Great location, nearby lots of stores and restaurants. Easy check in just use the code they send you.
Sheree P - Posted: 2/23/2024
Rating 5
Great location close to beaches and casinos. Very clean and neat, great size room plenty of space for couple and the fact they are so accommodating when it come to fur babies
Kevin R - Posted: 2/21/2024
Rating 5
We had a wonderful stay! The location was centrally located and an easy walk to the main strip. Will definitely be back.
Amanda W - Posted: 2/20/2024
Rating 5
This place is a gem. We’ll definitely be coming back. Quick walking distance from the event center, casinos, restaurants, bars, and more. Spacious room, comfortable bed. The workers of the lodge helped clear the roads of snow when they saw us leaving. Everything was 10/10!
Kylie S - Posted: 2/20/2024
Rating 5
Easy booking and stay.
Curtis C - Posted: 2/20/2024
Rating 5
We had a great stay! Everything was clean and it was a great central location.
Marie K - Posted: 2/20/2024
Rating 5
Great location in walking distance to Heavenly Gondola and plenty of food/entertainment options. Space was comfortable and exactly as advertised. Great stay for the price. Easy to check in and out. I would definitely stay again if we make it back to South Lake Tahoe.
Austin R - Posted: 2/18/2024
Rating 5
It was beautiful, and close to everything!
Ivan F - Posted: 2/17/2024
Rating 5
Great location nice place!
Simon Y - Posted: 2/17/2024
Rating 5
heavenly on foot
?? ? - Posted: 2/16/2024
Rating 5
Great place if you're just looking for a place to sleep on skip trips :)
Yousuf M - Posted: 2/14/2024
Rating 5
Solid Tahoe Lodging Option for Skiing
A nice option for 2 people, with close access to the Heavenly mountain gondola.
Cullen J - Posted: 2/14/2024
Rating 5
Great place to stay!
Anthony L - Posted: 2/11/2024
Rating 5
Sara N - Posted: 2/3/2024
Rating 5
Our stay was wonderful! Extremely conveniently located right behind the main Stateline strip. We snowboarded at Heavenly two days and it was an easy 10 minute walk to the gondola. For the price, you can’t beat the convenience. 10/10 would recommend if you’re planning to stay local to the stateline area.
Audrey N - Posted: 1/25/2024
Rating 5
Jessica O - Posted: 1/17/2024
Rating 5
It was a great place to stay and I loved the location.
Greg C - Posted: 1/16/2024
Rating 5
Very cozy and clean room. Quiet at night and located walking distance to Heavenly Ski Resort and restaurants. Enjoyed our stay very much! Would definitely book again.
Stephanie A - Posted: 1/16/2024
Rating 4
Clean remodeled hotel room. Cozy and cute furnishings. I enjoyed the extra blanket on the bed for a winter night but the wall heater worked well and wasn’t loud, so that was a nice surprise. However the guests next door were. If you are a light sleeper beware but they do provide ear plugs. Plenty of towels. No cable. Firm comfy-ish bed. Little pricey for the unfortunate noise but it was NYE so I figured it would be that way. The room otherwise is completely adequate. Responsive and friendly host.
Emily A - Posted: 1/8/2024
Rating 5
Recommend to stay at this place
Stephen A - Posted: 1/8/2024
Rating 5
It was a good spot overall.
John P - Posted: 1/3/2024
Rating 2
First off, Tahoe has some amazing places to stay with character and cheap prices when you get away from the casinos. This is NOT one of them. Visually the room looks great. Clean, updated, and has what you need for a night’s stay. Where this room lacks is in its bed and absolutely atrocious noise levels through the walls. I could literally hear the room next to me word for word talking and they weren’t even trying to be loud. I got a noise complaint on my room because I had the TV on… For $100 I could stay here on a weekday but there’s no amount of money they could pay me to stay there on a weekend.
Eric S - Posted: 1/3/2024
Rating 5
We had a great time here! Our room was very spacious and clean. The location is ideal if you want to walk around Stateline area as well as a short walk to the lake. I read that the walls are thin, so I brought my white noise machine and it did the trick! I personally thought the bed was quite comfortable. It was firmer than your typical hotel bed, which I loved since I can’t sleep on soft beds. Checking in and out was incredibly easy, only needed to use a code to get in the room. The host was great about communicating instructions. Luckily I didn’t need any help but I’m sure they would be quick to respond. Highly recommended!
Leah D - Posted: 12/31/2023
Rating 4
Great location. Good price. Check in was very easy and communication was prompt. The place was clean but did have a slight musty smell and some gurgling noises as tho from a pipe or something in the middle of the night. Room was spacious with ample storage space. Overall good stay and value for money.
Deepthi P - Posted: 12/29/2023
Rating 5
We had an amazing experience at this stay! The airbnb is located in a good area so there were a lot of activties to do around the neighborhood. The bed was clean however I did notice some dust. The bathroom was very clean but I could not find the hairdryer until I checked out. Overall, I recommend staying at this airbnb!
Olivia L - Posted: 12/28/2023
Rating 5
2 minute walk to the shops & 5 minute walk to the water. Great spot !
Ian H - Posted: 12/25/2023
Rating 3
The room was very clean and cute looking. But the bed was unbearably uncomfortable. Me and my girlfriend felt like we were sleeping on a rock. I got no sleep the first night. The second night I brought my concerns to the host. They immediately responded and offered a room upgrade. The new room was very comfortable and after that I had no complaints.
Miguel V - Posted: 12/24/2023
Rating 5
Highly recommend staying here, super clean, very easy to contact the host. And the lodge is by everything, you can literally walk. Very peaceful area.
Alicia L - Posted: 11/21/2023
Rating 5
I love everything about it. Just the exact same thing as photos. One thing I really love about the place is they have a storage closet that you can access for things you need extra or just need in general and i feel like that was super nice because not a lot of place provide supplies.
Precious Y - Posted: 11/16/2023
Rating 5
Decent place, was clean and communication was good
Ivan P - Posted: 11/15/2023
Rating 5
Good vibes!
Nathan G - Posted: 11/14/2023
Rating 5
It was a 10/10. I love that it was just few streets down from everything. It’s pet friendly. It looked just like the photos. I would definitely stay here again
Karina F - Posted: 11/13/2023
Rating 5
Our stay was great with all the listed amenities for a great price. The location is very walkable to all the nearby attractions and activities.
Ross G - Posted: 11/13/2023
Rating 5
We loved how clean our place was! It was well decorated and our host was super friendly and communicative from check in to check out! The bed was super comfortable. We loved how we could walk to the casinos and brewery’s . We will definitely be back in the future !
Christy M - Posted: 11/13/2023
Rating 4
We arrived Saturday night and left Tuesday morning. We received our room assignment (we got Room 4) and door code about an hour before check in. Any questions were answered very quickly. The location was great. The walk to Harrah’s is less than five minutes. The coffee next door at Trailfolk was awesome. So convenient! The wall heater worked great, but noisy when the AC/heat would kick on. We liked access to the self-service linen closet. The walls are very thin. You can hear your neighbors speaking pretty clearly. If you like soft towels, bring your own. Parking seemed very limited; we took one of the last couple spots on a Saturday night at 7 PM. Parking on Sunday and Monday night was easy and abundant. In our room, there is about a 2” rise when entering the bathroom; prepare to stub your toe. FYI- by mid-October, there was no pool or outdoor grill access.
Julie T - Posted: 11/7/2023
Rating 5
the only issue I had was quickly addressed. very pleased.
Evan C - Posted: 11/7/2023
Rating 5
Great value and easy to walk to most things!
George H - Posted: 11/6/2023
Rating 4
Adventure stays really was a terrific host for our visit to South Lake Tahoe. This airbnb really was a great deal for the location. You’re right on state line across from heavenly and in walking distance to anything you could think of. The host was great at responding and was super welcoming upon our early arrival to the area. One very minor thing to note is there’s a door to the next unit in the closet which makes it really easy to hear everything happening in that unit. Again, super minor thing. We look forward to visiting this airbnb multiple more times! Thank you again to adventure stays for a wonderful time!
Corey B - Posted: 11/5/2023
Rating 3
It’s a ok deal, the price could be cheaper for a 2 star motel. Location is also ok since there are many hotels along the Main Street. This one is few blocks away from the main block. There are lot of motels in the area. Ok isolations, you can hear people talking outside and next door. Bedding is not that comfortable especially the pillows. Lightings are white lights
Jing Z - Posted: 10/31/2023
Rating 5
Clean place with easy check in. Great for the price.
Merijane C - Posted: 10/28/2023
Rating 4
Thin walls (I could hear people talking in their rooms). Other than that, clean place and fun location.
Michaela H - Posted: 10/24/2023
Rating 5
Clean, comfortable, and spacious. Check in was easy, with a code for the door, came with a microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker, and spacious closet. Adventure Stays was very responsive and caring about details and changes Just right for my business trip to Stateline.
Kila J - Posted: 10/22/2023
Rating 5
Great stay, close to all the places we love, definitely will stay again
Taylor S - Posted: 10/22/2023
Rating 5
great spot!
Mia S - Posted: 10/20/2023
Rating 5
Very pretty
Genesis G - Posted: 10/18/2023
Rating 5
Great deal and perfect location walking distance from all the best spots in South Lake Tahoe. Super clean and recently renovated room. Easy check-in. Can hear a little noise from people outside, but not bad. Would stay again.
Caroline H - Posted: 10/18/2023
Rating 5
Our room was exactly what we expected at a cute little renovated motel just off the main strip. Clean with plenty of space. Perfect location! Excellent price! We will definitely stay here again.
Steph M - Posted: 10/16/2023
Rating 5
Great stay!
Joy-Marie B - Posted: 10/16/2023
Rating 5
Great location and nice for the price
Sarah S - Posted: 10/16/2023
Rating 3
Honestly this place wasn’t a bad deal, there were just a few things within our stay that would have me give it an overall 3/5 stars. First off, we check in and notice that both night stands have ear plugs. My bf and I both thought it was kind of weird but just brushed it off lol. Then that night, we were woken up to an extremely loud noise that went on for at least 15 minutes at a time. So as you can imagine it was a little hard to sleep while that noise was going off. Then the morning after, we were woken up to our neighbors just talking, which isn’t bad, however we could hear their conversations word for word so the walls are pretty thin. Then my bf discovered what seemed to be a blood stain at the very bottom of the bed on the sheet and I had also found a hair in the shower. That night, one of our neighbors were smoking pot in their room and it completely filled our room with the smell of pot? and the other neighbors were getting it on. My bf and I will always laugh about this?
Kelsi C - Posted: 10/15/2023
Rating 4
Place was as advertised. The door code didn’t work at first but when I texted the owner responded immediately with a new code. Very convenient location. No hot water in bathroom sink. I’d recommend this place.
Robin M - Posted: 10/11/2023
Rating 5
Went for my boyfriends birthday and we couldn't have had a better time. The location was perfect, we walked to restaurants, casinos, and were able to go on runs as well. The place was so clean, peaceful and very homie as well. Will definitely be staying here again.
Yael A - Posted: 10/9/2023
Rating 3
It is a motel, but a nice motel.
Hannah F - Posted: 10/9/2023
Rating 5
Perfect stay !! Walking distance to everything and was perfect a nice weekend get away !
Kolby H - Posted: 10/9/2023
Rating 5
Great price for a great location and the room was great. Tiny shower, but everything else worked very well for us! Definitely recommend!
Elise J - Posted: 10/9/2023
Rating 5
Great stay! Very clean place with a good ac/heater, cute decoration, good soundproofing, and just enough parking. They were accommodating of our dog when we asked beforehand and paid the pet fee. We were worried being a pet room, if it would be more of a run down room, but honestly it was so clean, so cozy, looked almost like freshly remodeled honestly. Location can’t be beat, close to a lot of food and accessible to the big road but private enough to not hear the traffic. Hosts were helpful with checkin check out and had quick responsive times. Checking in was a breeze! Thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would highly recommend!
Betty L - Posted: 10/9/2023
Rating 5
Had a lovely stay here! The room was clean, well laid out and had everything we needed. The host was very responsive and had them put an extra table and chair in the room so my husband could work there plus coordinated an early check in for us for a little bit more.
Emily P - Posted: 10/4/2023
Rating 5
Very clean and overall a great value. Will definitely stay here again and would recommend to anyone.
Tyler L - Posted: 10/2/2023
Rating 5
will stay here again! close to everything && a nice place
Lexy S - Posted: 10/2/2023
Rating 5
Went to Tahoe for a 2 night stay and could not be more happy with our decision staying here. Location is perfect, very good communication, and the room was very clean and cute!! It had to of been re modeled very recently, i was so impressed with how adorable. Not only that, but they were super nice about me brining my fur baby on our trip!! 10/10 recommend.
Jessica M - Posted: 10/2/2023
Rating 5
Great location and clean! Location is walkable, close to the lake, casinos, and restaurants. Great communication! Highly recommend!
Andrea C - Posted: 9/29/2023
Rating 5
Great place to stay, great access to things to do. The room was super clean.
Bridgette S - Posted: 9/26/2023
Rating 5
Great location and the room was well maintained. I enjoyed my time there!
Daniel R - Posted: 9/25/2023
Rating 5
Great place to stay! Affordable and convenient!
Sonya A - Posted: 9/25/2023
Rating 5
Great location, within walking distance to so much! Very clean and comfortable. Will stay here again in the future.
Jaclynn K - Posted: 9/25/2023
Rating 5
Couldn’t be happier! It was CLEAN, well decorated interior and conveniently located near everything! We will absolutely be staying here again!
Marina P - Posted: 9/25/2023
Rating 5
Awesome stay!
Sona S - Posted: 9/24/2023
Rating 5
We really enjoyed our stay at The Blue Jay Lodge in South Lake Tahoe. The location was perfect within close walking distance to the main shopping area, restaurants and activities. The rooms were very clean and quiet. We actually needed to contact Adventure Stay late one evening and I didn’t expect a response right away, but they immediately called me within 30 minutes and were extremely accommodating! This lodge was perfect for our 6 days in Tahoe and I would definitely stay there again and will be recommending it to anyone planning to visit the area.
Megan L - Posted: 9/22/2023
Rating 4
Great stay for a week. Affordable, if you need a quick spot to stay this is great.
Trenton W - Posted: 9/22/2023
Rating 5
Love the Blue Jay Lodge, adventure stays is a great host! Clean, cute, comfortable and convenient.
Eva M - Posted: 9/21/2023
Rating 5
Nice room, perfect location. Responded to needs quickly. Would definitely stay again.
Amy R - Posted: 9/20/2023
Rating 5
Great location & easy to check-in & out.
Jiena S - Posted: 9/19/2023
Rating 4
CLose to Stateline and Lake Tahoe Blvd. Very quiet place to stay.
Roberta S - Posted: 9/19/2023
Rating 5
As advertised. Easy to get in and out of and a good location
Daniel N - Posted: 9/18/2023
Rating 5
Excellent location, close to Lake, casinos, coffee shops, evening music. Great communication (text) for check in and check out instructions. Simple.
Kelley S - Posted: 9/18/2023
Rating 4
Location was great! We paid a little more since we booked through Airbnb vs their actual website, but I was hesitant to book on their regular site because there were no updated pictures. Overall our stay was okay. The room was clean and looked like the pictures. The room we had had a super loud squeaky restroom door and the walls are paper thin so you hear everyone coming through the stairway. For the most past it was quiet. We were happy with the location and cleanliness of this place because the other motels in the area looked very outdated.
Anna P - Posted: 9/18/2023
Rating 5
Room looked exactly like the photo. Host responds quick and answered all questions I had. Area is really nice and great for a weekend away from home!
Steve G - Posted: 9/18/2023
Rating 4
Great location - not too far from lakes, hiking and amazing views. Good price, clean room with everything we needed. We brought a sound machine and a fan, which did the trick to block out typical city noise.
Crystal R - Posted: 9/17/2023
Rating 5
Lovely room, very clean and inviting. We loved the aesthetics and had a wonderful stay. Thank you for a great experience.
Joe S - Posted: 9/16/2023
Rating 5
Was a great place to stay for what we had planned!
Rebecca R - Posted: 9/16/2023
Rating 5
Good location
Joe F - Posted: 9/13/2023
Rating 5
The location was perfect! It was easy to check in, clean & the hosts checked in with us after the first night to make sure everything was good. We're already planning our next trip!!!
Katrice D - Posted: 9/13/2023
Rating 2
The room was okay, but had issues. The bathroom door creaked very loudly. Very thin walls and someone tried to steal my catalytic converter while I was there.
Don P - Posted: 9/13/2023
Rating 5
The room was easy to access and was in walking distance of pretty much anything you wanted to do. We will be staying here again when we visit again!
Christopher L - Posted: 9/11/2023
Rating 5
Easy access to restaurants and south Tahoe beaches!
Chaz G - Posted: 9/10/2023
Rating 5
Very nice and clean place to stay. Bed very comfortable and room was as described in pictures. Host was very responsive. The place was always very quiet. I would highly recommend, and would stay here again!
Susan F - Posted: 9/10/2023
Rating 4
Was a nice little place not like photos but was easy to find and check in
Justin F - Posted: 9/10/2023
Rating 5
Our stay was very peaceful and we are grateful that we found this gem of a place! Highly recommended! We will be back next time we are in the area!
Ro A - Posted: 9/8/2023
Rating 5
Our room was freshly remodelled and had plenty of space. It was better than our expectations. Competitively priced in a good location for activities. We’d book again.
Nick M - Posted: 9/7/2023
Rating 5
First time in lake tahoe. This location convenient for everything. My small family just 3 people. So hard to find a small place for lower prices on holiday. This place is perfect. Big room make me feel comfortable. King size bed enough for me, my husband and my daughter. I’ve been looking around but most of hotel and air bnb just have queen size bed. Highly recommend this place for every one.
Trinh N - Posted: 9/6/2023
Rating 5
Loved this place and location
Danielle E - Posted: 9/5/2023
Rating 5
Great hosts, and will most definitely be returning in the future!
John S - Posted: 9/5/2023
Rating 3
Pros: - cheap - great location - clean Cons: - very hard to find parking at night - shower smelled moldy - shower very cramped ( hard to wash legs) - no fitted sheet on bed, just a thin sheet laid on top (Really? This is pretty inexcusable ) - Room service mustve had a no nock warrant because they burst in while I was not clothed.
Josh C - Posted: 9/4/2023
Rating 5
Prefect location if your attending any concert at Harvey's outdoor arena. Everything is walking distance it you dont mind walking. Great places to eat
Kailah B - Posted: 9/1/2023
Rating 5
place was in a really good location
Jeff F - Posted: 8/30/2023
Rating 5
This stay was a great place and just what we needed for a weekend getaway! Great location and walkable to many restaurants and recreational activities. The room was very clean and spacious for my husband and I. Would definitely come back!
Samara N - Posted: 8/28/2023
Rating 5
excellent place to stay! Right in the middle of all the restaurants but also free of lots of tourists. Walking distance to the beach. Great location. Definitely would recommend! Excellent host!
Taylor E - Posted: 8/28/2023
Rating 5
We enjoyed the stay! Good location and clean room. Check-in was well explained and very easy. We felt very comfortable and had a very good time!
Marleen T - Posted: 8/26/2023
Rating 5
Adventure stays was a great choice. Nice location, close to the casinos and other attractions. The room was super clean, spacious and cute decorated. We’ll definitely come back.
Carlos O - Posted: 8/26/2023
Rating 5
The check-in process was easy, the hosts were responsive and flexible, and the location was great. It’s very close to Heavenly Village and very walkable. The room was also spacious and really clean. I would stay here again!
Angela P - Posted: 8/22/2023
Rating 4
Very nice room
Miriam C - Posted: 8/21/2023
Rating 5
Great location, room was as-advertised.
Evan T - Posted: 8/21/2023
Rating 5
Great short-term stay in Tahoe. Walkable to the strip & beach access. It was clean and cozy. The host was responsive when needed! I would recommend this stay!
Tesla S - Posted: 8/20/2023
Rating 5
Good stay while in South Lake Tahoe. Location is within walking distance to Heavenly Village and Casinos. Host was very responsive and communicative.
Lauren S - Posted: 8/20/2023
Rating 5
awesome stay!
Aaron P - Posted: 8/19/2023
Rating 4
Love the location the most. Can easily walk as the parking can be tough to find but also like scooter everywhere (which is what we did). Pool was deemed as closed on the advertisement but seem as possibility open when we got there. Parking was a little tough there was a 50/50 chance of getting a spot in front of your room. Place is exactly as the picture’s definitely a cozy place for a couple who will be out and about most of the day.
Jamie Y - Posted: 8/19/2023
Rating 5
Great room. Plenty of activities within walking distance
Cole P - Posted: 8/17/2023
Rating 5
it was the perfect place for a quick trip!
Olivia T - Posted: 8/17/2023
Rating 5
Just what we needed for a few days to explore Lake Tahoe area. Clean and modern. Good facilities with nice shower, toiletries, coffee machine, fridge and freezer. Easy to access fresh towels and supplies for coffee. Laundry available but only took coins. Really peaceful despite central location. Really enjoyed our stay.
Em R - Posted: 8/17/2023
Rating 5
The place was clean easy to find - room looked just like the picture ! We’d stay again !
Brian Z - Posted: 8/17/2023
Rating 5
Great location, very close to everything needed. Very clean place.
Brian P - Posted: 8/16/2023
Rating 5
The room was super nice dog friendly everything was walking distance lots to do
Ephraim M - Posted: 8/16/2023
Rating 5
Está súper agusto, muy accesible par cualquier cosa que quieran realizar, cómodo y super fácil de acceder al alojamiento ?
Fernanda F - Posted: 8/15/2023
Rating 5
This was a last minute decision/booking and it was perfect. Walking distance to the venue & Stateline amenities/restaurant!!
Meghan Q - Posted: 8/14/2023
Rating 5
Worked well for us.
Carlee B - Posted: 8/11/2023
Rating 5
Great stay! Definitely would recommend.
Emma B - Posted: 8/9/2023
Rating 5
Easy check in and very attentive to an issue with a clogged drain. Fixed super fast! Great communication!!
Micah G - Posted: 8/8/2023
Rating 5
Amazing place to stay for a quick getaway!
Taya G - Posted: 8/8/2023
Rating 4
Good for the price point! Happy with our stay
Lauren V - Posted: 8/8/2023
Rating 5
Great location of the room! Can get a little noisy during the day but they provided us with ear plugs and we had no issues at night when we were sleeping!
Yaaminey K - Posted: 8/5/2023
Rating 4
We loved our stay here. It was walkable to everything and just a short drive to great hikes. Dog friendly. Place next door was a blast! Live Music every night til 10pm, great food, hipster style, just perfect! I just wish that they offered Tissue in Room and a Better Coffee Machine. But we brought our own Mini Nespresso and set it up! I had a broken rib and found the bed a little too hard for my injury . Would have preferred a softer mattress. Other than that, all great! Very quiet at night too.
Elizabeth V - Posted: 8/4/2023
Rating 5
Great place. Will stay here again.
Douglas B - Posted: 8/4/2023
Rating 5
Great place
Richard N - Posted: 8/4/2023
Rating 5
Thanks for everything. 24 hour online service is amazing but it would be nice to have a front desk that’s manned. Otherwise very accommodating and neat. Has whatever necessities (toothbrush, towels, shampoo, etc.) accessible in a closet for the hotel guests.
Kayla O - Posted: 8/4/2023
Rating 5
It was my first time to Lake Tahoe and this place was perfect. It was clean had everything we needed plus we could walk everywhere.
Erica D - Posted: 8/3/2023
Rating 5
Our place was very nice and clean and provided all we needed. Will love to stay again when I’m Tahoe
Brian R - Posted: 8/3/2023
Rating 5
We came here for our wedding night and it was perfect! We loved the cozy location that felt private but was just a few blocks walking distance to the stateline, casinos, and the lake!!! They gave vouchers for the lake entry and stickers which was such a cute addition we weren’t expecting! The room was perfect! And it was VERY easy to check in and out!
Sarah H - Posted: 8/3/2023
Rating 5
Was the perfect location to walk downtown South Lake and walkable distance to Lakeside beach as well. Only two things that were slightly ~eh~ were the thin walls and the parking, but both were more than manageable! Will stay here again when coming to SLT!
Farrah G - Posted: 8/2/2023
Rating 5
Nice renovations on the property - conveniently located, comfortable. Would definitely stay here again.
Teresa K - Posted: 8/1/2023
Rating 5
My wife and I stayed here for 2 nights and absolutely loved it! It is located in the PERFECT area, 5 minute walk to heavenly village and all the casinos, restaurants and night life. The lake is a quick 3-4 minute walk, can’t find a better location! The room itself was very very clean, had all the amenities we needed and very easy to access. We would without a doubt stay here again, if you’re looking to stay in South Lake Tahoe look no further!
Sean P - Posted: 7/31/2023
Rating 5
The place was just as advertised. Walking distance to casinos (2 minutes), beach (less than 10 minutes and close to many shops and restaurants. Host was in constant communication with us prior to and during our stay. While it is a basic motel room, it was very clean and the staff helped us whenever we needed it. The location couldn't have been better.
Jeff D - Posted: 7/31/2023
Rating 5
Spacious and uncluttered, was able to have a toddler and my son and his wife hang out half a day without feeling crammed! Pool area was clean and comfortable , and coffee shop was steps away?
Giselle H - Posted: 7/29/2023
Rating 4
Great location , comfortable bed , clean ,good communication & easy check in . We will come back . Thank you
Susie H - Posted: 7/28/2023
Rating 5
My wife and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary and our room and stay went beyond our expectations. The room was very spacious and when we needed items like extra towels, the hosts were immediately responsive. Everything was short walk and very accessible from the location of our room. We stayed for 3 nights. Thank you.
Darold J - Posted: 7/27/2023
Rating 5
The room was clean and I loved that there were no keys - just a code - so convenient and nothing to lose! The location was amazing - we could walk to the beach and to town and there is a great breakfast cafe next door so easy morning coffee/breakfast meal. Also, it was really hot and the AC worked great, plus the pool was a perfect cool-off spot. The room's amenities fit our travel needs perfectly - there was a medium sized fridge with a freezer attached so we could store drinks and food. Additionally, I had a last minute change in amount of nights we could stay and they refunded the money easily.
Caycee C - Posted: 7/26/2023
Rating 5
Our stay with Adventure Stays was perfect for our lake tahoe trip. Conveniently located to plenty of nearby amenities.
Edwin G - Posted: 7/26/2023
Rating 4
The location was excellent. Our room had a quiet location within the complex. We had a room with a refrigerator and microwave.
Troy D - Posted: 7/25/2023
Rating 3
I splurged on three nights at Lake Tahoe for my husband’s birthday. We think of Airbnb as individual properties not an in process motel remodel where we pay airbnb fees but others do not. The room was spacious but not that comfortable— two tiny metal chairs that do not allow a person to sit at the table, a bathroom door that squeaks so loudly it woke up the sleeping person, no tub like in the photos, and the Mountain View obscured by a very dirty bathroom window. The parking space by the very dirty cement stairway was narrow and not possible to open both passenger doors unless the next car was far to the right. On the Saturday night the driveway was blocked with possibly outside vehicles and we got an email saying we should move our truck from management ( not our truck, no I’d for the truck), and the black underwear left in driveway for two days just opposite of the small trench that exposed wires or pipes? It was very self serve with lots of instructions -folks were nice but Airb??
Cecile M - Posted: 7/25/2023
Rating 5
Perfect place to stay! Walking distance to casinos, restaurants and bars. Also about a 10 min walk to water. Room was very clean and spacious as well as no parking issues. There is no doubt in my mind when we revisit, we will be staying here.
Cheysia F - Posted: 7/23/2023
Rating 5
Clean and comfortable. Would stay here again.
Kirk W - Posted: 7/22/2023
Rating 4
Glad to find last minute stay for a good price! Parking was tricky with a larger car and the Roku was not working, but overall glad for the walkable location.
Renee P - Posted: 7/21/2023
Rating 5
Great place for the price in Lake Tahoe
Darren M - Posted: 7/17/2023
Rating 5
Spacious spot, walkable to the casinos and more ?? Recommended :)
Adam F - Posted: 7/17/2023
Rating 5
Great place to stay! We will be back
Krysta M - Posted: 7/17/2023
Rating 4
Great location and super clean. Very friendly and communicative staff, they sent clear instructions via text before arrival which was helpful and kept checking on us via messaging. It mostly matched the pictures except the bathroom where a bathtub is shown in the picture but we were given a unit with a tiny standing shower, but it was OK for a short stay. The only issue was extremely loud and noisy fridge which woke us up several times during the nights, so we couldn't get good night sleeps unfortunately. They were quick to respond to the issue though and sent someone to check it out but the noise returned again the following night. Hopefully they can fix it permanently for future guests.
Iman G - Posted: 7/16/2023
Rating 5
Great place! I was comfortable and this place was walkable! Comfy suite that had everything you need
Isabella T - Posted: 7/15/2023
Rating 5
Awesome spot near heavenly village (5 min walk), easy to park, instructions were easy to follow.
Julia B - Posted: 7/13/2023
Rating 5
The room matched the photos. It was spacious and clean and the bed was super comfy. The shower is a little tiny but it was clean and the pressure was great! The blackout blinds did a great job which is good for me because I’m super sensitive to light when I sleep. Unlike many BnBs, the checkout process was easy - you just take the garbage to the garbage can, which was right downstairs. The only negative was that the walls are very thin. It wasn’t really an issue until there were people talking loudly outside our door at three AM. Aside from that, the property itself was quiet. All in I all I would say it was a good stay!
Nina B - Posted: 7/12/2023
Rating 5
A perfect lil 3 night stay for us and our pup. When I had an issue with the tv/wifi the front desk was immediately responsive and super helpful. I would absolutely stay here again.
Trina G - Posted: 7/10/2023
Rating 4
Die Unterkunft war tatsächlich schöner als auf den Bildern angegeben. Die Lage war super, wir konnten alles fussläufig erreichen. Es gab Vouchers, mit denen wir an den nächstgelegenen Strandabschnitt reingekommen sind. Auf Fragen hat der Host immer schnell und hilfsbereit reagiert. Lediglich bei der Sauberkeit könnte das Team noch etwas nachlegen, damit es zu einer sehr guten Bewertung kommt. Ich würde die Unterkunft trotzdem jederzeit wieder buchen.
Kristine B - Posted: 7/9/2023
Rating 5
Super accessible to Heavenly, shops and restaurants - all walkable - as well as a short drive or run/ride to hiking/trail running/MTB trails. Great base camp to explore the area from. The staff are extremely responsive and can’t say enough about the accommodating and responsive maintenance staff when an unforeseen repair became necessary. Recommend as an affordable, accessible option for those looking to take in any adventures in South Lake Tahoe.
Hannah P - Posted: 7/9/2023
Rating 5
Excellent service ..Center of everything :))
Shawn Y - Posted: 7/8/2023
Rating 5
Place is exactly as described and a great deal! Great location, walking distance to everything in south lake/state line. Would stay again, due to the location. Here for the 4th and was able to get to beaches and casinos easily. If you’re here to Ski, heavenly is in walking distance.
Ismail S - Posted: 7/7/2023
Rating 5
Hosts were so friendly and helpful. Room was so cute and comfortable. Great location at a fair price.
Maddy M - Posted: 7/7/2023
Rating 5
Absolutely perfect! Loved the location and the private beach in walking distance. The decorations are very homey and remind you life is about making memories.?
Ashton H - Posted: 7/7/2023
Rating 1
The place is in a good location, they accept pets, it’s very convenient but… The floor was so dirty that we couldn’t walk barefoot even wearing socks. How do we know that? Well, we spilled some water in the bedroom and went to wipe it right away and you guys would be grossed out if you could see how that paper towel came out.. not sure if we were camping or what??? Definitely that floor was never mopped, I’d be surprised if they ever mopped after the construction of the place… just can’t find better definition for it. We complained about it but we didn’t want anyone in there cleaning the room after our bags were there, especially because it was supposed to be CLEAN! They agreed to refund the cleaning fee and basically begged for a good review but hygiene is extremely important to us. So I’m sorry for the bad review! The place definitely has potential and hope they make very serious cleaning improvements for the next visitors.
Eric R - Posted: 7/7/2023
Rating 5
My husband and I had a wonderful time here for the 4th of July! Was within walking distance of the Lakeview beach, casino, shops, breweries and restaurants! Would definitely come back! Thanks for the wonderful accommodations!
Emily U - Posted: 7/6/2023
Rating 4
Nice stay
Ty F - Posted: 7/5/2023
Rating 5
Great place in South Lake Tahoe… steps from the stateline exactly as described. Also a walkable distance from a public beach and within driving distance from another. The host was very proactive and responsive. Would definitely recommend this place
Sangat V - Posted: 7/4/2023
Rating 5
Our room felt like home for 4 days. It was perfect for the two of us who were in town for a wedding. Walking distance to the Tahoe strip. Everyone working there was super friendly and helpful. I just wish the vending machine was working. I didn’t know where the ice machine was if one was there. Bonus…the tacos next door. Thanks for having us!
Cristine G - Posted: 7/3/2023
Rating 5
Clean and comfortable stay! Would come back anytime!
Liz K - Posted: 7/1/2023
Rating 5
Very centrally located right next to all the busiest parts of South Shore. Everything is within walking distance from the room. It’s a busy area and having this place tucked away was just right for what we needed for a quick getaway. Would definitely recommend.
Darci V - Posted: 7/1/2023
Rating 5
Met the new owner when I arrived , very friendly and helpful. Room was completely remodeled and clean . Slept like a baby in king bed . Would definitely stay again !
Thomas B - Posted: 7/1/2023
Rating 5
Exactly what was needed for a quick trip to Tahoe with my dog.
Bobbie M - Posted: 6/27/2023
Rating 5
I loved how walkable everything was. Check-in was easy and flexible. Overall, I had a wonderful stay!
Briana F - Posted: 6/26/2023
Rating 4
It's overpriced for the room. Not a nice room Positive: Walking distance to the beach and casino Negative: Room has no chair and there is tray inside, the bathroom is very small. Bed is very firm
Paul O - Posted:
Rating 5
This was the cutest place! Would definitely recommend. It’s a great value! Positive: It was so. Lose to everything!
Chrisanna M - Posted:
Rating 5
Nice Lodge for vacation at Lake Tahoe Positive: Newly renovated. Large room, large comfortable bed, everything you need. Two tables, three chairs. Top accommodation. Negative: Description in booking.com says 24/7 reception. We arrived 6:30 pm, had some difficulties with out check in, but nobody was there. Reception is only reachable via phone or texting, which made it very time consuming to solve the problem.
Joachim G - Posted:
Rating 3
Negative: Smells like smoke
Harold N - Posted:
Rating 3
Ottima posizione, pulizia media, buon arredo e letto, molto rumoroso. Positive: Posizione comoda e parcheggio disponibile. L'arredo gradevole e moderno Negative: Camminando a piedi nudi sul pavimento in breve sono diventati "neri "! Il problema principale è il rumore. pur avendo spento il frigorifero?molto rumoroso, e il condizionatore, il rumore dei condizionatori proveniva dalle stanze vicine era molto forte.
Andrea N - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Très beau motel fraîchement rénové. Le self-checking est très pratique et permet d'arriver quand on veut. Negative: Malheureusement la chambre n'est pas bien isolée et nous entendions les bruits de la ventilation
Neil P - Posted:
Rating 5
Great place to stay in South Lake Tahoe Positive: My room was very clean and comfortable. Melissa Yessica and Zack were very attentive and provided excellent customer service. I would highly recommend the Blue Jay Lodge to anyone visiting South Lake Tahoe and will definitely return myself next time I'm in Tahoe Negative: There was nothing I didn't like about my stay at the Blue Jay Lodge.
Rosalia D - Posted:
Rating 5
Great Location and Value Positive: Everything was great. Room was spacious and clean. Will stay again. The location is excellent for concerts.
Barbara S - Posted:
Rating 1
Would not recommend in summertime Positive: Clean Negative: AC unit literally shakes the floor and the walls, impossible to sleep.
Eugene C - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: The natural beauty of the lake, and the surrounding area was fantastic Negative: Well, things can always be better but overall it was a wonderful experience
Daryl L - Posted:
Rating 4
Surprisingly nice room Positive: I liked how easy it was to get into the motel, the jacuzzi tub was nice too, nice updated room and clean Negative: This is essentially an Airbnb, so there’s more rules and more fees than a typical motel but if you understand that then it’s ok. Dogs are allowed for an extra $52 but not on the bed. I would suggest to the property owner to maybe clean up the view outside of room 20 cause seeing construction stuff right out the window isn’t the best. And you have a blank wall right there, I think a mural of Tahoe would be awesome, give something to look at! ?
Deonna M - Posted:
Rating 5
Amazing Positive: Check in was easy. The room was great and the lodge was in a great location.
Kevin A - Posted:
Rating 4
Good value and location! Very clean. Older building (poor soundproofing) with new renovation. Happy with the stay overal Positive: Very clean. Spacious, large bed, with desk for work and small table and stools for dining. Negative: The dining table is a bit flimsy. The hair dryer blows cold air only which is very uncomfortable. You can hear your neighbors clearly, the host did provide ear plugs which is considerate! We had reasonable neighbors and weren’t bothered too much by it.
Lingjun Z - Posted:
Rating 4
Blue Jay Lodge is great!! Positive: Loved the room! Thought it was great for the price, and the beds were very comfortable. Negative: The air con machine was super loud and woke us up in the night.
Benjamin D - Posted:
Rating 5
Geweldig hebben zelfs 1 nacht bijgeboekt naar 3 nachten. Positive: De kamer was super mooi gerenoveerd de kamer wij boekte was groot en echt erg mooi ingericht. Negative: Niets
Claudia A - Posted:
Rating 3
It was a short stay so was OK. Positive: I do not think they had breakfast? Negative: I had never done it check in with email on room and code. We got there a little before 5 and no one in office. I did have a phone to call number provided, but I do not have email on phone so did not get info ahead of time. Another more comfortable chair in room would have been nice. TV instructions. Bathroom very small. Toilet paper roll took up a lot of space.
Larry D - Posted:
Rating 5
It was nice check in and check out and pet friendly and the access to coffee refill and laundry room Positive: Close to casinos and close to surrounding lakes and especially pet friendly . The fact of this place having it be pet friend ley was a high factor for us . Negative: No comment .. everything was nice
Lucy L - Posted:
Rating 5
Great location, great room, great value in South Lake Tahoe! Positive: Room was great. Location was great. Check In and Check Out were a breeze. Negative: Having someone in the office, or otherwise available to answer one-off questions during check in.
Robert F - Posted:
Rating 4
Met expectations. Positive: Location was good. Given no breakfast and room size, room was a little overpriced for me even in Tahoe. Negative: Really would like to have had a chair, over barstool. Had to walk to another property for the dog.9
Lowell H - Posted:
Rating 5
Great value, very comfortable and cozy. Positive: Blue Jay Lodge was a very quiet and cozy hotel located right off the main strip right next to Basecamp Hotel and Brewery. The rooms were recently remodeled and were very clean and tidy. The bed was extremely comfortable, and the bathroom was spacious and clean, also freshly remodeled. The hotel does not use key cards but in fact they send you a code to your cellphone and there is a number pad on the doors so there is no fumbling around trying to find your stupid key all the time. This hotel was a fraction of the cost of the other hotels nearby, especially the ones in the casinos. Giving us a lot more money to enjoy the city with. I would definitely recommend this hotel for anyone that wants to save hundreds of dollars but still wants a nice room. Negative: There wasn't anything I really didn't like, maybe the stairs sucked after you've walked all day but there are rooms on the lower floor as well. The stairs are pretty small, but im just trying to find something to put here ? I wish this place had a killer view, but you can't have it all.
justin w - Posted:
Rating 4
Positive: The staff were amazing - very thoughtful, helpful and informative! Best service we have received in a long tome! Negative: There were a lot of good things about this place but the floors were really, really dirty.
Shelley M - Posted:
Rating 5
The room was everything I expected no more no less I would definitely stay there again Positive: The location was perfect. Walking distance to all the shops.restaurants and casinos. The bed was every Comfortable. Negative: The Walls were a little thin and you can hear your neighbors
Arturo C - Posted:
Rating 4
close to all amenities in Sth Tahoe, clean Positive: clean room, close to main street, pillow nice, and had laundry Negative: stools for table not suitable, as chair would be more pratical
Brett f - Posted:
Rating 5
We really enjoyed our stay. The mattress could be softer. Positive: Location and ease of booking and check-in and out. Negative: The floor in the room was dirty.
Harold M - Posted:
Rating 5
Ótimo custo x benefício Positive: Quarto espaçoso! Check-in de fácil acesso! Muito perto da rua principal e dos cassinos. O quarto estava impecavelmente limpo à chegada. Serviço de lavanderia. Wi-fi bom.
Rafael D - Posted:
Rating 4
Positive: Location, clearness, decor, Negative: Bathroom doors didn't close, bed too soft.
Seyed A - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Honestly, I love that it felt like home.
Isaac m - Posted:
Rating 4
Positive: Walking distance to breweries, coffee, casinos, beach, and great restaurants. What more could you ask for?
John R - Posted:
Rating 4
Positive: roomy updated accommodations with "kitchen" amenities, convenient location Negative: (Do not post) closed office check-in confusion - need more signage to check email/text, posted late check-in/earlier check-out times now used by many; disabled pool, exterior needs repairs uneven walkareas, window security, stairwells, a.o.; combo lock needs occupant customization option for security; unadvertised added fees upon reservation
Joseph O - Posted:
Rating 5
super fun and easy access to activities in town. Positive: the bed was so comfortable. the location was perfect. size and space of the room was perfect. Negative: the parking situation on a busy weekend like it was was a little hard.
Dylan Z - Posted:
Rating 5
Sweet Comfortable Convenient Get Away Positive: Bed was comfortable. Newly renovated, clean, great location. Accepted our lil pups. Walking distance to Main Street and Stuff going on. Check in & Check out was easy. Assistance was available! Negative: Didn't love that we could hear guest conversations in rooms next to us. Issues with TV & Internet working properly. Appreciate the immediate assistance!
Antoinette L - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: Highly recommend. Very cute and comfy rooms.
Fontes T - Posted:
Rating 5
it is warm , convieniet and the auto-check in is very friendly. Positive: the facilities here is pretty good Negative: no, everything met my expectation
Shuting L - Posted:
Rating 5
location is great. staff present were very nice. Positive: location Negative: was expecting free housekeeping services.
Annabelle E - Posted:
Rating 5
Perfect stay their king room was fully equipped & had ample space for a small family of 3 Positive: Ideal location in town, close to the beach & other attractions
Adrian T - Posted:
Rating 4
Location was great but noisy Positive: Location and cleanliness Negative: The noise from upstairs and refrigerator
Barry S - Posted:
Rating 5
Everything went well! Friendly staff! We will be back! :) Positive: Thanks for the great stay! Location is close to the village and all the shops, spacious room, heater was working, big walk in closet, very nice king sized bed. Negative: I wish we would’ve gotten a room with the “nicer” bathtub (like on the picture), but it was a small shower/bathtub in the bathroom. Which was still ok, since we stayed only for one night.
Andzelika D - Posted:
Rating 5
Positive: We celebrated our anniversary. We went out to dinner came back to our room. They left us a bottle of champagne with a happy anniversary note. That was a very nice gesture. Negative: Clean friendly comfortable stay close to all the casinos walking distance.
Maria G - Posted:
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